Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Hasn't Rained In a While

At least not while I've been walking home. Other times during the day or evening since then, yes, but there was a chance of it raining earlier this morning, yet I took this new way home, and did not feel so much as a drop of rain. Probably a good thing though, because among other assorted points of interest, there's a car wash out at the end of Michener where the radio blares all night long (or so I would guess, because it certainly was yesterday night), then I also walked past and around our Grandparents' old house on Delaware (not that they have a new one, because they are, how to say, not alive anymore), and, much to my chagrin, saw that what used to be the "front" porch along the side of the house is completely enclosed now, the entire house itself is painted white, and just generally everything I remember about that place is gone. Well, the shed is still there, but I can't say I have too many memories of it outside of the doors always getting stuck. Also, the Tim Hortons out there (roughly across the street from Michener) had precious little, but I still bought a bottle of peach juice, and drank it while eating my snack / proper supper at home, which was once again scrambled eggs. This time with Lava / Volcano / Inferno sauce in the eggs and jalapeno sauce on top which was actually good, but both sauces were far too concentrated to the middle of the eggs instead of being distributed evenly throughout.

Then there was also this wonder, and I also walked by Underground Tattoos / took a picture of the sign on the door because the one that used to be hanging from their porch is no longer there, and I could swear the inside door (if they even have one) was open, because I could see right into the place. Not that I expect them to leave any money they make in a given day there, but still amusing in both good and bad ways. The only thing I couldn't find on the walk that I planned on looking for was the house on Michener where I used to go for piano lessons. The apartment near the end of the street is still there exactly as I remember it, but the specific house was just too nondescript compared to the rest, I guess.

All in all it was another very fun walk though, outside of being essentially freaked out for a couple minutes because I was listening to music on my PSP but there were also cats fighting somewhere nearby and yowling loud enough that I could hear them, but I didn't know what it was at first, and looked over to my right to see if I could pinpoint the sound any better, and ended up seeing what turned out to be simple plastic sheeting against the side of the house as some large sort of monster thing, and just, yeah. I am often high-strung, at least when out in public, as evidenced by how I jump almost every time somebody drives past me on the way to work and honks.

As for tonight, I don't have to leave until 8 for a change, but there's both a risk of thunderstorms for the whole of southern Ontario, along with a severe thunderstorm watch for Windsor, Essex, and Chatham-Kent, so just watch. I'll leave for work at 8, get halfway down Wellington, and it will start to pour like it did that Saturday night a while back.

Regardless of what happens though, this is finished now so I can record another movie of me playing StepMania, and also anything else that I could say is just going to result in me getting long winded and this is plenty long enough already~

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