Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Unwanted Help is, Well, Unwanted

Just after coming home and having a shower tonight, I put my laundry in the washing machine, which included one of my tails. Then I came back up here for an hour and did random stuff online, then went downstairs again at 5 to move everything except the tail to the dryer, and what would I find but Dad sitting in the living room, who promptly told me "Your laundry is in the dryer." Cue the most emphatic and pissed off "No" ever. I'm extremely capable of putting my clothes in the dryer on my own, thank you, especially when I'm washing one of my tails and the fur isn't supposed to be exposed to great concentrations of heat. Thankfully there was still a half hour left on the dryer when I pulled it out, but that still means it had already been in there for the same amount of time, and feels all rough and almost prickly now. Not a huge deal by any means when it actually comes down to it, sure, but honestly (and this applies nearly everywhere), unless I specifically request your help, please, for the good of both you and I, please don't.

The same thing manifests itself at work alot of the time too, whether it be from me getting put on drive through and catching up all the dishes by myself, or doing line instead and cleaning it up / getting it ready for close / making all the orders in between on my own. I like to think by being able to do that I'm giving the other closers or staff a chance to get other things that need to be caught up done as well, which is apparently the exact opposite of what's really preferred in a majority of circumstances (or so something I heard on the radio a while back said), but in general, it's worked thus far, which is all anybody can really ask.

Walking home was both good and bad too. The good part was because I took this route home, meaning in the past three days I've walked somewhere near 20km just to get from work to our house, but that also has a disadvantage, being that my legs are more than likely going to be excessively sore tomorrow, but oh well. I plan on walking straight home then anyways, what with going to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday and everything. As for the bad part, on Queen St, just outside of the law office after the tracks (walking away from Richmond), got stopped by the police, again ;_; This time, however, more interesting stuff happened. Usual questions ensued ("What's your name?", "Where are you going?", etc.), but by the time they told me to have a good night, they'd asked for (and written down on some notepad) my first and last name, address, phone number, who I lived with, as well as had me show them what was in my bag (three shirts, pants, hat, and pies), pants pockets (keys, wallet, PSP, SD cards and batteries for camera), and finally asked if I'd ever been in trouble with the police before, then told me to have a good night and continued on their way. I should also mention that they actually got out of the car, but nary a word was said about not having a shirt on, although one of them did ask if I had a tattoo on my back, and when I got it done.

So altogether weird, and I hope no repercussions come about as a result, but then again, it won't be the first time I've been stopped by the police on my way home, and certainly not my last either. Oh, and amusingly enough I told them I was coming home from work, which they responded to by asking when work started, and after I told them my address, they didn't really clue in that there's a direct route between Taco Bell and our house, and there should've been no reason for me to be walking along Queen.

Anyways, it's already quarter after 6, and all evidence is pointing towards me getting a good sleep tonight, so I'm going to do that, and see how my legs feel when I wake up tomorrow and walk down the stairs to get some cereal~

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