Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Always Seems to Happen

The instant I get a day off, I end up doing completely different things than what I would if I had to go to work later that night. Well, not entirely different, just to be fair, but for example, I went to Heart and Stroke today, and finished up there at 4. I came home and used my extra hour to play Knytt Stories or something, then renamed another folder of music that was on my torrents partition and backed it up to the normal places. Then, feeling like I was still in the mood for tidying stuff up, went around and picked bits of garbage up from my floor and underneath my bed, then vacuumed almost the entire floor, including underneath the two tables my laptops and other assorted things (fan, for example) are on, which apparently haven't been cleaned under in a while. That was something I've been planning to do for a little while now though, so it was nice to have that done, but then I decided I'd tidy up the top and drawers of my dresser too, resulting in tossing a bunch of stuff in the garbage that probably has some sort of value to it (whether it be monetary (and if that was the case it wouldn't be more than a dollar) or emotional), but that I can't picture noticing are gone. Also included were several socks with holes in the heels, many pairs of underwear that I haven't touched in ages (shorts are far superior <3), and put some old clothes away, which led to me realizing that I now have four shirts, two pairs of pants, and three hats (although I forgot one there yesterday night) for work, although extras are nice to have just in case.

After that, as opposed to writing an entry in here as normal, I just laid in bed and watched a movie on the other laptop for a while, and finally decided that I'd go out to 7-11 at 12:30 then make some more scrambled eggs when I got back home, and now it's quarter to 5 in the morning and I'm just finally writing this. I was even considering reinstalling Windows on at least this laptop, because I've been noticing some odd problems with it lately (one example is Windows Updates freezing unless two specific services were stopped and a folder in the WINDOWS directory deleted), so hopefully a fresh reinstall will help put that back in order. That won't be until next time I have at least two days off in a row though, which won't be for a while anyways, because I just had Wednesday off, then I get Saturday too, but after that, next Wednesday as well, then the following Monday four more days after that. The new GM was supposed to have been down briefly today too, so if there's any reason for things to be different than normal that's likely it, but I didn't see her and probably won't for some time to come, so I'll just keep an eye on the schedule and see what happens. Anyways, since I'm not going to get around to mentioning this any other way now, I changed my desktop again earlier this afternoon, and this is the result. No icons sort of negates the need to look at the desktop entirely, as the picture description says, but in spite of that, I like how it looks, so hopefully it'll last for at least a couple weeks.

In other news, work at Heart and Stroke this afternoon went well, and unless Michele has more in store for me I should hopefully be done for the rest of the summer now, because everything in STAR is caught up, and that was pretty much the last task she made any mention of planning to have me do. What actually happens will be determined later this morning though, because I sent her an email to ask what was going on, only because she was busy with Avi when I left. To be able to sleep in next week would be nice, but the only solid plans I have are to go to Giant Tiger or Sobeys later in the evening, so not having anything to do would be somewhat confusing too. ...oh, yay. The power just abruptly went out and the modem's being weird now and directing me to the configuration page whenever I try to access any other sites. I suppose in light of that, and also being that it's 6, I'll call it a night, because I'm getting far too superfluous, and we're also going grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon so I want to get a slightly longer sleep than today. Yesh~

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