Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

She Was Here Earlier...

Waiting for Mom to come home from wherever she is right now to run out to Money Mart and put about $40 more on my card. See, I have tomorrow off, and would if nothing else like to at least walk out to Michener again and get another bottle of peach juice at Tim Hortons, but I have a slightly different route in mind tonight as well, but money would be required for that, for two reasons. First of all for music related purposes, which mostly came about as a result of waking up at noon earlier and refreshing a tab I've had open in Firefox for what feels like the past four months, and finally seeing that this CD was finally in stock. Therefore, despite still being half asleep and not really wanting that to change, I clicked the button and typed in my Paypal details, so that's just a matter of waiting now.

Then, however, I got to looking around some more, curious to see if they had any of their older CDs in stock (for that's what the email response I received to another question said), and noticed this one. To be perfectly honest I really don't care for the art, but the music sounds better. Still though, it's $12.50, plus an extra $4 for shipping (or at least that's how much it was for Squaredance), and while I haven't checked yet, I probably don't have more than $5. Oh, well, check that. Dad got home before Mom did, and agreed to take me out to Money Mart, but upon arriving back at home, that CD is already out of stock. Oh well. There are a couple more I still want to get (digital download only though), which is what I was going to get to next.

Furthermore, there are two by Furries in a Blender that I want as well (I could be sure there was a third, but can see no mention of it anywhere on either site. They're also download-only, which isn't quite what I'd prefer, but as long as the cover is included (and even if not), I can always just burn them to CD, and that would only be to have a physical copy anyways.

Anyways, it's already almost 6:30 and I'm more occupied here with all these music files at the moment, so I do have more to write, which will come when I get home. Whenever that happens to be, but I have tomorrow off, so it shouldn't matter one way or the other~

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