Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Today's Question is Fitting

In a nutshell, it asks "What sort of setting makes you nervous?" In my case, and most recently, being out walking at ~2 in the morning in a somewhat unfamiliar area with no background noise aside from the low hum generated by air conditioners and whatnot, and seeing at least one thing that I couldn't come up with a logical explanation for off in the distance. Specifically, at the "end" of McNaughton heading in the direction of Communication Road. Technically it wasn't the end, but everything beyond Michener, which is where I turned off, would likely be properly considered country, and as such there are no street lights and quite possibly very few houses, if any at all. Amusingly enough, last time I went out in that direction I was considering walking all the way out to Communication then back around, but had somebody pull up past me and drive down the same road, and eventually just stop at a certain point which sort of ruined my plans to at least walk a little bit further out and see if it was actually really dark without the streetlights, or if I could still see well enough to make my way along the side of the road.

As for tonight, there was a bright light off a fair distance ahead on that same street, and I couldn't for the life of me place what could be producing it. It was too large to be coming from a normal sized vehicle, and I can't help but think if it was a transport truck that had stalled or stopped, well, first of all they'd more likely be driving along Grand Ave anyways, and also, I didn't hear engine noises or anything else of the sort.

Therefore, and because it was where I planned to turn anyways, I ducked down Michener, then walked to the second tree that I've hidden under to remove my shirt before (the first one has a street light right by it that always seems to come on whenever I get anywhere remotely near the thing), and ended up spending a good ten minutes just trying to untangle my headphones. After that, the walk thankfully got better, and I was even passed by three cops, none of whom said anything (although one did slow down just a bit), so whatever. Then I also got a random picture of a large pile of ants crowding around a certain area of the sidewalk, and did other weird things like that.

Then my plans for tomorrow were to take a way home that would see me walking by Sobeys so I could stop there and pick up a Father's Day card for Dad, but now I'm thinking that because there will probably still be dishes to be done when I get home, I might just take the direct route then possibly go out to Sobeys when those are done, or if not just go on Wednesday.

Getting back to the question though, the only other setting I can remember right now that makes me uncomfortable is water, in certain conditions. I'm fine with swimming and everything, as long as I can still see the bottom of the body of water, but take me out far enough that I can't feel the bottom even after, say, holding my breath and allowing myself to sink for a good ten seconds, then hell no, thank you. The same thing applies for videogames, to the point where, when I was still playing Oblivion, I had to find a mod to make the water clear so I could swim through the deep parts without having to keep the camera exactly at water level so you can see the bottom of the lake or ocean as if it was completely empty (hard to describe, but it's a graphical glitch in the game).

As per usual though, I was going to write more (about work and whatnot), but it's already 6 in the morning, and therefore I need to get to sleep~

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