Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Previously-Mentioned Other Things

Since I have half an hour to go before leaving for work, and I'm not about to fill up the sink for a second time when there will undoubtedly be more dishes waiting when I get home later. Regardless of that though, I definitely have to head out to Sobeys tonight, because I have a coupon for 7-11 for a free regular (presumably) Slurpee that expires on the 17th, and I'd rather go on the very last day instead of on the way to work tonight anyways.

Speaking of work, George sort of warned / informed me the other night that I would do well to keep an eye out from now on, because Melissa is supposed to be randomly coming down to check on us from time to time at night (as I think I already mentioned), and the first time we're doing things improperly, she'll "let it slide", but after that we're in for a "rude awakening". Therefore, I was trying to think of different ways to accomplish what we usually get done without having to compromise getting out of there quickly after we close, and have more or less, as with cold line, come to realize that there's no point to immediately bagging hot line either aside from getting the dishes to the back to be washed. Steve won't be terribly pleased about that for the first couple shifts, but screw him. Other than that, however, I'm not sure what else they could fuss about. Condensing line, sure, but I plan to continue doing that as opportunities prevent themselves (for example, a bag of nacho cheese finally ends up being emptied meaning you can replace that pan with one of chili or something), because I see absolutely no reason condensing before 11 should be, in Sheila's words, "disturbing". Oh, and apparently I shoved somebody out of the way to clean mini in the middle of a rush too, and she can therefore effectively go screw herself as well until she gets all the facts of a particular incident or story together before confronting somebody.

Also, we now have ten cases of these underneath front cash which will be given out with the new box meals that start this coming Monday. With them, of course, comes this large set of rules, which can be condensed to us not even being allowed to touch them aside from to give to the customers, and if any go missing, all the staff working on the shift it / they disappeared on will be written up. As such, I simply have to stop by 7-11 on the way to work next week (preferably on a night Steve is working), buy one of those, then hide it in the walk in and pull it out later acting as if nothing is wrong.

Finally, those ants, and now I have to leave for work because it's almost 7~

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