Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

You're Not Supposed to Think About It

Playing PoPoLoCrois just now, and the last major accomplishment I, well, accomplished was defeating the Ice Demon, and there's a movie of that uploading now just for posterity and everything but it's 317MB and will therefore be a while. Anyways, some time (and several cutscenes) after that, Pietro (the main character, obviously) gets scolded into coming back into the castle, and once there, (King) Paulo says some things about Pietro being 12 years old so he should call him "Father" instead of "Dad" from now on, then follows that up with something like "You're going to have a brother soon" followed by (Queen) Sania patting her belly. Cue one "Oh" from me, because I was expecting to hear that because he defeated the Ice Demon, Pietro was going to take over Paulo's place as king, or for them to even make more of a big deal out of it, then a slightly more weirded out "Oh...!" as I looked back to Paulo and thought for a second, then finally a third "Oh..." for good measure, and the conversation between the three of them has now switched to a trial (of the ordeal variety) for Pietro. Yeah.

The cutscene between the Book I intro screen and actually gaining control over Pietro again is very bemusing, so I plan on uploading that later too, but for now I'm both busy and not busy waiting for that movie to upload so I can go mess around with the customization page on here, because one of the featured themes looks nice (the "Randomness" style of Minimalism), and I want to fiddle around with it to see if it can be made to look at least somewhat close to the way this one does right now.

Anyways, this entry is just going to be terribly short because I need to find my USB stick and copy a Firefox extension to it, among other things. I've actually been thinking (since reinstalling XP) that I need to type up a semi-detailed list of what order to install programs in, and what other additional things to copy over after that (fonts, icons, logon screen, etc.) because when I did it about a week ago, I had everything back the way it used to be save for the boot and logon screens in three hours, so with a small guide to follow that could be cut down to an hour and a half or even less. The only problem with that is renaming some of the files that are on the USB stick now to have more descriptive names, but should I not be able to find anything to do next Friday or Saturday and I remember, that can be done then. I'm also not sure if I have Wednesday off as well next week, but meh. I'll just check tomorrow~

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