Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I Can't Get to Sleep

Why is it that I was overall more productive in between 5am and now than I was for the entire rest of the night? All told, I removed several old accounts from sites I no longer visit or need, which started as an attempt to tidy up my list in KeePass and in the end served well to meet that goal, then I also was confused and uncertain of what to do with Feed43 for long enough that I finally understood what to do with it and was able to create an RSS feed for this site (the feed can be found here). The only problem with it right now is that I don't have a favicon for it, but I was able to find a sort of hack for userChrome.css that adds an icon to the matching-named bookmark toolbar folder (wow), so for now, that feed, plus one from another site I found today (look for "Alice and Kev") are in there, as will be a couple more that I found in the past, as long as I'm able to locate them again.

Also, that PoPoLoCrois movie finally finished uploading, close to three hours after it was started, so that can be seen here, and yes, it's really a throwaway account, which explains the message on my profile page, the fact that it says I'm female, the account name itself, and so on ^^; That second movie will probably be uploaded sometime tomorrow, but it'll likely take just as long, if not more than that, so maybe I'll leave it going while I'm at work or something.

Moving on, I also tried applying that "new" theme, and although there's an option to not show the calendar, there aren't any to change the colors, and therefore I'm back to this one, but while trying to find the layer selection page to apply it again, I got sidetracked looking through all the other themes I'd used, and this still looks quite nice, but there's one glaring problem with it. Unless you click an entry title or "Manage Entries" at the top of the page, where are the "Edit" and "Add to Memories" links?

Finally, I just uninstalled Internet Explorer 8, because along with this and this, I decided they were way too pretentious for their own good, but sent them this message first, then later decided that I'd rather have IE7 if anything. I still need to reboot, of course, but there's no rush for that right now.

Anyways, I think I need to go to bed. Or so my own feeling of impetuousness would seem to indicate, but it's already 8:30am anyways, so I really should~

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