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This is Going to Show Later

By the time I fell asleep, and counting the ten minutes or so that I woke up a bit after that due to needing to use the bathroom, I figure I slept from 9am 'till 3:30pm. "Six and a half hours is plenty" you might say, and I would be more inclined to agree if I did not have to go to work tonight. I'm on 8 - close though, with Steve and hopefully two other closers, but that's not going to change the fact that around, oh, midnight (or possibly even earlier), I'm going become out of it once again. Oh well. It's Thursday, so a little extra energy to help with cleaning the floors and getting the order put away will help, and if I'm still really tired after that, I can quite easily ask Steve for a ride home.

Also, despite it supposedly being 23 out, it actually feels quite chilly, but any degree of cold right now really means nothing, and more than anything it's just weird to see The Weather Network say it's quite warm out when that's the exact opposite of what I've been feeling all morning / afternoon thus far.

Anyways, two dreams I can remember bits and pieces of right now, despite having been up for a good hour now because I'd like to close the Notepad window I have open which contains the details of one.

In the second (which is the one I don't have anything written down about and is why I'm writing it first), I was walking to the mall. Presumably the Downtown Chatham Centre, because there's a crosswalk from the parking structure to the mall that was featured in the dream, except slightly different. It still feels like the same place, but instead of being out in the open, it was actually inside of some small store, and in order to cross to the other side you had to stop at the edge of the "street", push a button, and wait for the signal on the other side to change to the little walking figure, so you could then walk across what was essentially a bare floor. So I did that, and in the middle of the "street" / floor, some girl behind me thought she was being clever and unzipped the backpack I happened to be carrying with me. Nothing fell out, and I was able to reach back and pull the zipper up again followed by saying "Don't", and was temporarily satisfied.

Once we were inside the mall, she somehow got ahead of me, and, wanting to teach her even more of a lesson for touching my backpack, I held up a fork that I was suddenly randomly carrying, and pushed it slowly into her shoulder, not hard enough to pierce the skin, but enough so it would hurt quite a bit. That part actually happened twice, but only the second one went anywhere, and I think I woke up briefly after the first or something. Anyways, she promptly started kicking up a fuss about that, and her friends who were there as well said something about child or girl abuse that I ignored almost entirely. The only bit of worry going around in my head was that of "This is usually when bad stuff starts happening", and sure enough, I got up to where the escalators would've been and was confronted by a cop.

I can't remember exactly what was said there, but I know he asked to see what was in my bag, and while doing so I tried to explain what was going on, but that was met with a curt "Save it". Then, out of nowhere, some other guy who looked like the extremely serious security guard came up from behind me, placed his hand on my shoulder, then literally picked me up by grabbing my jawbone (under the chin) and lifting.

Apparently I had been in trouble with him before too or something, because I said despite what it looked like I had never meant to cause any harm, then he glanced down at a pile of papers I had been carrying as well, and got this surprised and almost sad look on his face. I only got a brief glance at the paper myself, but it looked like the first split-screen image pictured here. Taking the opportunity to try and turn the situation around though, I said something like "I don't know what it seemed like to you, but I just wanted to do something nice", whereupon he set me down and gave me a hug, and that's all I remember.

As for the first one, the setting was one of CCI's classrooms, except we weren't there for school. I'm just going to assume it was a furmeet of sorts, because Cola was there (despite that I haven't talked to him in some time even), and we were watching a movie. I couldn't tell you specifically which one either, but the only way we could all see it is if everybody remained still, because it was being played on a projector which was pointed at the blackboard, and therefore not very high up on the wall.

Everybody kept moving around and pretty much acting out the movie at the dramatic parts (given that they were holding their arms up in the air and waving them around, etc.), leading to him (Cola) getting upset again and saying that if they didn't stop, they could leave. They didn't though, so the movie was stopped, whereupon he navigated to some other website on the computer all the while saying "This is my house. I'll do what I want", leaving us to get up and go home.

My "house" however, was different, in it's entirety it was one specific section of the floor of an otherwise large, white building, although the odd thing about it was that my floor was my LJ. As in if I looked down I could read that entry I posted before going to bed earlier this morning and so on.

That second one didn't really turn out to sound the way I thought it would, but they rarely ever do unless I'm able to come up with a specific explanation for the dream, but meh.

Otherwise, today feels boring again, but it's also already 5:30 which means I have an hour and a half to go before leaving for work. Not that it'll take me that long or anything, but some of this time might be well-used for shaving, then probably more PoPoLoCrois playing and movie uploading afterwards, because there's obviously still a good deal of stuff left to do in the game~

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