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Feeling a Bit Better Today

Still wholly pissed off about the whole EB Games / Wii thing, but that can't be helped right now. As for the whole being sick thing, it got slightly better around 8:30 last night. I was just sitting here, doing random things on the computer, when I suddenly felt 100% better. Well, maybe that's a bit of exaggeration, but I still felt quite a bit better than I had earlier on in the night. Of course, that feeling lasted right up 'till when I had to go upstairs to use the bathroom, but I suppose it's better than nothing. I also slept quite well last night, at first going from about midnight 'till somewhere around 5 without waking up, then for about another hour and a half. Strangely enough, when I woke up at 6:30, it was still completely dark outside, and of course, I didn't bother taking a look at the time first, so the first thing I assumed was that it was still 5 in the morning. It was strange though.

Anyways, I had to use the bathroom the second time I woke up, so I did, then I went back to bed, and couldn't fall back asleep at first. I almost had, but then Adam came through my room to tell Dad that he was feeling too sick to go to work today. I guess I passed it onto him :x Anyways, I ended up falling asleep around 7 again, and I would quite possibly still be up there right now, if I hadn't been so obsessed with waking up at 10 each and every morning to phone EB Games. Now my body's basically in the position where even if I don't set my alarm, I'll still wake up then. Bah.

So yeah, woke up then, had to use the bathroom again, then went back into my room. I tried laying back down in bed again, but I couldn't fall asleep because I was too uncomfortable, so I just moved to my chair and read another issue of Readers' Digest. Stayed there 'till about quarter to 12, when I finally decided that I was still tired, so I should try going back to sleep, but of course, I couldn't, seeing as it's quite bright out right now, so I've come down here.

One of the things that really helped me get through yesterday though was a home remedy of sorts that I found with Google. Whoever sent it in, recommended taking a half-cup of water, some flour, nutmeg, and sugar, and mixing it all together in a cup, then taking a deep breath, and drinking it. I did that yesterday, and first of all, what little nutmeg we had before is now almost gone. I don't know how long it's been sitting there anyways, because when I tried to stick the measuring spoon into the little opening to scoop some out, it was all chunky :s One of the comments the person that sent that in was that the flour was literally supposed to act as a clumping agent (for what, I'm sure you can guess), the nutmeg was simply to calm your stomach down, and the sugar was just to make the whole thing easier to drink. Yesterday when I drank that, I noticed that I hardly ever had to go to the bathroom, and that even when I did, it didn't involve sitting down (I'm not going to say it again).

I just made up the same mixture again, but this time, put a good bit more flour in than the directions said, and didn't bother measuring the nutmeg, sugar, or water either. It still tasted the same as yesterday though, so my hopes are that it will kick in either before or as I'm on my way to work, because I really can't afford to miss another shift. As I said in one of my previous entries, having the unscheduled nights off is a nice treat (looking at it from the having the night off angle), but not only am I screwing the people that are there over, but I'm also screwing myself for my next pay.

I just missed my two longest shifts in the schedule that's up right now, so chances are I'm going to be seeing something in the $300 range again.

Oh, and one last thing right now. Some parts of a couple weird dreams I had last night.

In the first one, me and Mom were in some car, heading out to a building that I could swear was somewhere near the Downtown Chatham Centre here. For whatever reason, we were headed there to infiltrate and catch a couple known criminals or something. Weird. On the way there, I was talking to Mom, trying to keep her in a good mood, and ready to go, because she was the main person in the operation. I started whispering something or other to her, then realized that probably wasn't helping, so I asked her if she remembered how things went at the Cultural Centre.

Either it took place in the same "sleep period" that this dream did, or I had it a while ago, but I clearly remember dreaming about the exact same thing (me and Mom going to catch the bad guys), except we were going to the Cultural Centre instead, and as soon as we got inside, and were right outside the room where our targets were, she told me to wait behind, and that she'd take care of things.

Anyways, we arrived at our destination, at which point the car we were in at first somehow changed to our van. Four people jumped into the van, as apparently they'd just escaped from the people that we were going to capture, and they wanted to get away. Then, Josh suddenly walks out of the building, and gives us a briefing on what was going on inside. Something about "They're pushing the Hates." From what I remember "Hates" were some sort of enemy that was going to try to stop us. He also said something else, which I can't remember, but it made me picture extremely small orange and black robots that were inside the building, and would do their best to get in our way as well. Note that one thing I can remember quite clearly is that someone explicitly told us that the Hates were not the same thing as the robots I'd pictured.

As for the second one, it involved me, Janice from Heart and Stroke, Adam, and another person, who I don't specifically remember. We were in some apartment building, and apparently we had to get up to one of the floors near the top, so we waited for the elevator, and it was taking too long, so Janice said we were going to take another one, which I distinctly remember from a dream I had a while back. It was like a bathroom, in that it contained toilets, sinks, mirrors, everything you'd normally find in one. However, it apparently was an elevator that was available, so Janice decided we were going to use it. We all got in, the door slid shut, and we weren't going anywhere, so I started to panic (me = very claustrophobic when it comes to the things). Somehow, I got on the emergency phone, when I heard a *ding* and it started moving. In a short amount of time, the door slid open again, and someone was standing there, so I ran for the exit, and heard them say "Sorry for taking so long." Strange.

So from there, I don't know what happened to Janice, because I never saw her again, but for some reason, I knew Adam was going down the stairs, and I needed to talk to him, so I called his name, and when I didn't get any response, started down the stairs. I was at the bottom before I finally managed to catch up with him. I can't remember what I said, but pretty much no sooner than I'd reached the bottom of the stairs than I started back up, and heard some sort of truck. I had the frightening feeling that it was coming after me, so I tried to make it up the stairs as quickly as possible, and was very relieved when I could no longer hear it :p

After that, I made my way to some room along the left hand side of the hallway, unlocked it, and strangely, had to unlatch a deadbolt that was on the outside of the door. Went inside, then looked back to notice one of our cats out in the hallway. I coaxed it into the room, then went to find the person that left the door open, to tell them not to do that again.

Then I woke up.

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