Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Seems I Have Another Nickname

This time, it is "tail guy", and of course there's a story behind it, so let's see here.

On my way to work (going the direct route), there is what Google describes as a beauty salon with the name "Studio 128". Until now I hadn't given it the slightest bit of thought, but while walking to work tonight, about one block past that place, I heard somebody yell "Excuse me" and turned around to see some girl running up towards me. At first I thought they would just be somebody else wanting to take a picture, because in between Harvey's and passing by Dover St, I both heard some girl down by Harvey's shout "He has a tail! He has a [expletive] tail!", then also had a couple older women after that tell me they liked my ears, then tail when they saw it as well. I don't mind things like that, but still, they're why, for the most part, I largely prefer walking home from work instead of to, because then hardly anybody else is out, and it's much more quiet.

Anyways, getting back to the other story, when she caught up to me she stopped for a moment to catch her breath, then made a comment about me walking way too fast. Then she explained that her friend, I think it was, worked at that salon or whatever else you want to call it back down the street, and she kept seeing me walk past there day after day, and really wanted to meet me or something. One interesting aside is that the girl who ran up to me looked very very much like Teresa (who used to work at Taco Bell) did, but she didn't recognize me, even after I told her my name, so maybe it wasn't her. I was asked if I had enough time to come back and say hi though, and figuring that it was only ten after 7, I said yes, and we started walking back the other way, while she talked about having to run to catch up to me, and leaving her shoes (which ended up being sandals) on the lawn out in front of the place in the process.

Once we made it back there, pictures were taken (of course), consisting of both the girl who ran up to me (I'm still not sure what her name was) and Leeann, who was the woman working at the place standing next to me and holding up my tail, etc., or them hugging me / me hugging them, then even with me lifting up my shirt because they wanted to see my tattoo. I was also made to write my name(s) and a short message in a book, and was told by Leeann that she'd been there for a year, and always saw me walking past almost every night, and how she told her customers about me and heard the same things from some of them, and the words "fan club" were also mentioned, in a joking sort of way. She repeated what that girl said as well, being that she always wanted to meet me, and even that time there happened to just be by chance, because somebody else there had just seen my tail as I was walking past. Other things said were, in a more non-serious manner, thinking about leaving a bowl of milk out to get my attention (which is annoying and I'll get to why in a bit, but in the meantime, if they did do such a thing I'd likely either take a picture of it as I passed, or record a movie of me walking past it because it's not every day you see a bowl of milk sitting on the sidewalk). The final thing I remember hearing from her (aside from it being nice to meet me) was that she had seen me in the winter with my paws or arm warmers on as well, but I explained that only the dead of winter was cold enough for those.

Then (because there's more) some guy who I presume was her husband that also happened to be there asked if I had a girlfriend (what relevance that has I'll never know), then after I explained that definition of being furry (you pick an animal to represent yourself as online, and some of us / they take that into real life which is what I'm doing), asked if there was a certain animal I was looking for, which really sounds wrong, and generally seemed to be getting the idea that I'd have gotten more attention, if you will, by doing what I have been by now. Then he told me that if I was ever on my way by again I should stop by to say hi and to have a glass of wine, which didn't make sense. By being 24 am I automatically expected to drink? The closest I've ever come to the stuff was one time past where I was in London for the furmeet, and the day after Cola and Madius were having Stitch and Sunie for supper, and since I was there I was included as well, and ended up giving my glass to Stitch, I think, because I had my bottle of water to drink.

I can't remember much more outside of that except for being told that I was more popular than I might realize, and that's not something I'm after anyways, and once they asked where I worked and connected the idea of working at Taco Bell with the fact that I had a bag with clothes in it told me that it was good to meet me, then I continued on to work and got there about ten minutes later than I normally would have.

As for why leaving a bowl of milk out would be bad, for one thing, as far as I can tell I am at least somewhat lactose intolerant. Milk with cereal first thing in the morning (or afternoon) is usually fine, but still leaves me feeling not entirely right unless I immediately follow it up with some water. I haven't tried eating two bowls of cereal or drinking a glass of milk after eating one yet, but in the case of say, buying a small container of ice cream from 7-11 and eating half the container in one night (which I have done in the past), I end up, well, being in the bathroom for longer than normal.

So first of all, milk doesn't agree with me. Secondly, I'm going to liken leaving a bowl of milk out to being meowed at. I can see how a cat would come to mind right away when you randomly see somebody with a tail and what are essentially cat ears, but when was the last time you heard a snow leopard, let alone any big cat in general meow? It's annoying, but only in the "I don't like it but can't be bothered to do anything about it right now" way. The same thing goes for expecting me to interact with a bowl of milk as house cats are normally thought to do, and even then, isn't milk bad for them? Yeah. Third (and final), as I already said, I would probably just end up taking a picture of the bowl then continuing on my way. Maybe I'm taking it far too seriously too, but in that case, so be it. I still don't mind it in general (most of the time I just ignore anybody that does that), but it's fun to pick out those inconsistencies.

In an effort to not be awake until 9 this morning though, I'm going to bed. I sort of have the feeling that yesterday was partly helped by the energy drink I bought from Sobeys, but in any case, I'll get to the rest of what I wanted to say tomorrow~

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