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Karadur Inacu 

The Reward for Patience and Understanding

Earlier tonight it was $13.45. Thanks mostly to the rain, we had a bunch of customers come into the dining room starting at 10:30 and continuing right up 'till 11, and since it's supposed to be closed then (at 11), Steve told Janeka to let the customers know the dining room was closed so their orders would have to be to go. No big deal, and really, we're not supposed to be doing that anyways, but never before has a fuss been raised, because if somebody sits down anyways we just complain about it amongst ourselves. Steve's lack of patience once again got the better of him though, and Janeka must have overheard him going on about how the dining room was supposed to be closed and everybody would have to place their orders in the drive through, because I saw / heard her tell a couple guys that were just coming in that the dining room was closed and they'd have to go through drive through (oh redundancy), and they didn't seem to care, but then another guy that I now suspect was drunk, dressed in what looked like a formal white vest came in and was told the same thing. That led to arguing between him and Steve (well, not so much arguing as just going around in circles), except for that Steve seemed to be more concerned with getting change for Marissa's till, because at one point, completely ignoring the guy, he walked down to drive through and got the cash in exchange, then went back to front cash again and sat down by the safe without another word.

Of course the guy wasn't pleased, and asked for his name several times, but I was busy making orders at the time and didn't really want to have any part in it. Listening to them go on and on though (Steve's argument was that the dining room closed at 11, and they were just about to lock the doors when he walked up, and the other guy was saying that the doors were still open and there was no way for him to know the dining room was closed at 11), I eventually got tired of it, and when I finished up the last couple orders I was making, turned to them / walked over directly in front of the till, and said something like "I'm sorry Steve" (just in case I would get reprimanded again for "not listening to the manager"), and "Sir, he hasn't been sitting on the floor for anywhere close to fifteen minutes" (which is what the guy was claiming) "and I realize there isn't a sign posted that says the dining room is closed at 11, but it is supposed to be closed now." He repeated his argument to me, being that he was in the store before the doors were locked and everything, and knowing that he was right, asked if he was planning on paying with cash or debit, because Janeka's till had already been taken off. His answer was cash, so I turned to Steve (once again, covering my, oh, tail works quite appropriately here) and asked if he'd mind me ringing the customer's order in at drive through. His response? A quiet "I don't care".

So that was done, and my arm was shaking so much I could barely write down the order, but I went down to drive through and rang it in, then walked back and told him his total ($21.55). He gave me $25, then counted his money for a couple more seconds, then handed me another ten, and said I could keep that and whatever was left from the money he was paying for his order with. He also wanted my name as well (in his words, because "Whoever's in charge should know"), so I wrote it on the back of his receipt, then Marissa let him out of the dining room while I went back to making other orders and Steve? Well, I'm just going to flat out say Steve cowered in the middle. Oh, and for what it's worth, what was his order? Four tacos made El Fresco style, and six more regular, with two drinks, but I thought he was asking for three at first so I will say he was being genuinely confusing about that.

The only other excitement of the night was when it first started to storm, and the lights dimmed while everything else shut off for a split second. We were all hoping for the power to actually go out, but meh. Steve said something about even if it did, we still had to stay in the store until our normal closing time, so the only thing that would come about from it is having the quickest close ever. I do work tomorrow too, with both Marissa and Manoah, so between her and I, he is going to hear what happened as well, because unless that guy calls tomorrow and says something about Steve as well, nobody will ever hear about it and it'll be fun to see what Manoah thinks.

As for stuff that isn't directly related to work, having one's ears pop is annoying, especially when it doesn't work quite properly and every single sound on that side of your head gets amplified and becomes really irritating. Even moreso when, in my case, you somehow wind up with dried blood along the bottom of your ear canal, and that gets in the way too. Thankfully, part or all of it fell out while I was in the bathroom changing to go home, and otherwise, it's a problem I've been noticing for some time now, but only over the past couple nights has it worsened to the extent where if I yawned my left ear (at least) would pop. Also, upon coming home I tried making a different version of grilled cheese, being with raisin bread instead of regular and syrup instead of ketchup, and it wasn't bad, but there's something about the cheese we usually buy that causes it to lose all flavor upon being heated up. I should try taking a couple sides of whatever sauce from work some night and putting them on the insides of the bread, because that would add a little extra flavor, but that will have to wait until next time I'm in the mood for grilled cheese, which may even be tomorrow night depending on what else there is to be had.

What's more, I made scrambled eggs for probably the sixth time as my supper / very late snack when I got home from work last night, and put about half a packet of steak glaze from work in them, because he have close to half a box left, actually, and it all expires on the 26th when we don't use it at all now anyways. Unfortunately, while it did add a hint of brown to the eggs, it didn't really contribute to the taste any, but that's far from the only packet I have, so the same thing applies for that as grilled cheese.

Adam also randomly gave me $5 and threw two quarters at me as well while I was leaving tonight, so maybe I'll stop at Tim Hortons on Sunday and buy some cookies or donuts, but then again, I'm also expecting a package that apparently weighs nine pounds and was shipped out yesterday (and is related to videogames, just to clarify), so setting aside some money for potential customs fees would be a good idea as well. Then again, I do have $11 on my Mastercard that isn't being used for anything, so I probably still will. That was actually my plan for tonight, but then I reasoned eating grilled cheese would be enough, and I also forgot Mom made more cupcakes, so I ate a few of those followed by some cookies, therefore going to Tim Hortons would have been completely unnecessary.

It's also time for me to go to bed now though, lest I end up being awake 'till 9 again~

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