Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Went Downhill From the Start

Just getting back from Smittys, and let's just say Mother's Day went much better. First of all, despite Mom letting everybody know we were leaving soon at 5:30, we didn't actually head out until 5:55. Still, nothing was said when we got to the restaurant, and they didn't look very busy anyways (probably because alot of would-be diners were in church), then shortly after we were seated, Adam declared that he wouldn't be eating anything, and ended up being given a ride home before we even placed our orders because he had "Done something stupid earlier in the day" that would come back at him if he didn't have a chance to talk about it to somebody online. I know the general feeling though, and I ended up getting $60 from him anyways, so whatever to that too.

Then the questions from Dad. I understand you're just trying to make pleasant dinner conversation, but of the three things he asked me (and one I will not repeat because it's something I swore I wouldn't mention in here again to myself), one was if "they" (Mom and Naomi, presumably) had told me they saw other furries (fursuiters, obviously) in Sarnia. No, and at the risk of sounding unnecessarily brash and irritated, I don't care to know either. I could've been engaging and asked "Really?", but that's not even something I have an interest in doing anymore. Asking, that is, because the only thing telling me about that is going to do, is have me start wondering "I wonder if it was just some friends walking around or an actual meet" and obsessing over that to the extent I have with many things before. More or less, I'm trying to remain detached from these things so as to not cause any more issues for myself, but at the same time, I'm not about to tell them that because then they'd ask why and that'd create a whole separate set of issues for me to worry about. Therefore, acting uninterested at base is the best way to go about it.

The other one was if there were "any girlfriends in my life". No. I have a small set of friends, which is really just my friends list on here, then some coworkers I get along well with, and I seriously do not want any more than that.

Supper in general was good though, and Dad liked the card I gave him (referring to it as a "keeper" at least twice), but it's also almost time to get ready for work, so since I briefly mentioned it earlier this morning, PoPoLoCrois. I've beaten the first "main quest" (obviously), and right now am just up to having started into Cotrico Island, so I'll work on that a bit more either later tonight or in the dining room before my shift starts. I still can't believe that I put that game down and didn't touch it again the first time I tried playing it though. It actually has a decent amount of depth to it, and while it's not quite yet at the same level as Tales of Symphonia (even though it's a completely different series), I'm definitely going to have to play through it again just to see what things I missed the first time through. Oh, and still on a videogame related note, there may be two things arriving in the mail for me tomorrow instead of just one (if even). I do hope so, because that would be an awesome start to the week.

Anyways, the main purpose of this entry was so I wouldn't have to bring those things to work with me and I think it's done that quite well, so now it's time to get ready to leave and head off for one last shift before a day off, and, incidentally, the one remaining night before the Volcano Menu starts. Indeed~

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