Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This was Somewhat Unexpected

I sort of figured that CD from Vulpvibe would be arriving sometime this week, and it still might because it's only Tuesday, but Mom ended up waking me up at 11:30 this morning saying there was another package for me downstairs, for which she needed $22.08. Sort of high now that I think of it, because that's quite close to the original shipping price, and also, said package supposedly weighs nine pounds when it doesn't feel anywhere close to that, so yeah. Although now I'm left with a quandary, of what to do later tonight. I already know I'm going to be washing what dishes are there before I leave for work, but then I planned on finishing the rest off when I came home then going to Sobeys. Now, however, I have that other package, and I'd like to have the chance to set it up and make sure it works properly without having anybody else asking "What'd you get now?" Alternately I could be downstairs at this very moment doing so, but no. Not yet. There's really no reason I absolutely have to go to Sobeys tonight anyways, but I just know I'd like to sometime before the end of the week, because I have tomorrow as well as Friday and Saturday off.

Friday might be a bit different though, because it's Naomi's birthday, and the only thing I know that means for certain is that we're going out to Quiznos for supper. Anything will be better than her fussing over not being able to get something alcoholic to drink at Boston Pizza last year, so meh. Outside of that, I am, for whatever reason, thinking about what it would be like to walk home again, and right now, I can see doing so, but only to stop by several Tim Hortons along the way. The only thing is that would better be done when we next get paid, because at present I have less than $12 on my Mastercard, and there's also at least one other type of thing I'd like to use it for. See here, and scroll down to the "soaps by the slice" section. It was on Reddit a while back, and I didn't pay it much mind then, but then last week saw a different article on there about it that led to a page with a video of one of the owners talking about the business, and after actually seeing some of the soaps I simply have to buy a couple of my own <3 Not that $6 per slice is cheap or anything, but they're far more appealing (both visually and through the descriptions given) than the plain soap you can buy with nothing more than the brand name carved out of it <3

Also, PoPoLoCrois. Still playing it, yes, and it's now officially just as good as Tales of Symphonia (although that game spanned two discs, so perhaps there's something to be said there). Last it was mentioned, I had just started into Cotrico Island. I finished that up when I got home from work the other night, and played it for several more hours yesterday afternoon, to the point where I'm up to the same island again. The older characters are taking some getting used to, but I suppose that also makes more sense anyways, as compared to other RPGs where you can save the entire world without your characters so much as aging a day. The only other thing I might complain about is shops no longer carrying the base version of certain items (Forest Leaves and Blessed Waters, which restored 50HP and MP respectively, for example), but enemies are also dropping enough money now to make paying for the more expensive (and thus more powerful) versions quite possible.

Anyways, I'm going to either play that for a bit more or go jump in the shower, because I've said all I wanted to for now, and it's only quarter to 4, so yesh~

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