Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have Literally Not Used it Once

There was one thing in the mail for me today, being something addressed to me from the credit card division of Canada Trust. Another Visa bill, for $25 as usual, and I haven't used the card since I bought it, let alone even know where it is anymore (somewhere in my room at least), so I'm going to leave for work a bit early tomorrow, and head to the bank to get it cancelled / sorted out / what have you, because I have my card from Money Mart that I use for those sorts of things when necessary. Still annoying though, because you'd think they would say to themselves "Hey, this card hasn't been used once since it was issued, and that was a couple years ago. Let's send out a piece of mail that says they can follow these directions to get it reactivated, but otherwise it's no longer usable", but I'll just deal with that tomorrow.

Assuming, of course, the heat isn't as bad as it was today, because my problem with it seems to be that I'm fine while out walking somewhere, but as soon as I stop to sit down (such as when I get to work and sit down to rest), I quickly become quite sweaty. Not to go into unnecessary detail either, but at least the last time I worked, it was such that resting my arms on the table caused them to become wet and look as if they'd just been wiped down with a rag, then I could also feel at least one drop of sweat roll down my side which is a sort of unsettling feeling no matter how readily you expect it.

I did go to Giant Tiger earlier this afternoon though, and bought a fan that looks quite close to this, except it's white. Originally I was going to put it over by my dresser, but couldn't be bothered to deal with the extra heat generated and fuss having to access the socket would generate, so then it was at the end of my bed standing up on the laundry hamper, which was okay if a bit odd looking, then as of this moment, it's laying up against the wall on my mattress, and I think aside from accidentally bumping it in the night or whatever (and possibly plugging it into a different socket), that position will work quite well. It is, unfortunately, not the most powerful fan ever, but it alone is keeping me cool enough for now, and that's all I really wanted it for.

As for work, I close tomorrow night with Manoah, and have a couple surprises in store for him, although I actually would've gone today, but he wasn't working, and my desire to go there and get food quickly diminished after I looked at the nutritional info for the Volcano Double Beef Burrito. Suffice it to say, the burrito alone is the "worst" item on the Volcano Menu, so I can sort of understand why they chose to not include it in the box meals (the ones we have, anyways).

With that, however, I've been thinking all afternoon and evening now that I'm not going to let this day off slip away without playing PoPoLoCrois some more, so I'm going to find my PSP and do that, then, later tonight, try an even stranger version of grilled cheese. I can't say what'll be strange about it yet, but I plan for it to involve more than just bread, cheese, and some sort of dipping sauce (ketchup, or, in the case of that one other time, syrup), so hopefully it turns out alright~

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