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Six Hours is Enough for Now

I figure that's approximately how long I've been playing PoPoLoCrois today, and it's getting to the point where I have this dull sort of headache that's only going to go away with sleep. Still, I'm up to just starting the quest to free Kimendoji, and although I'm probably wrong again, it still feels like I'm right near the end of the game. The use of the ocarina was explained (all this time I thought it had randomly been added to my inventory and wasn't supposed to be there yet), so almost every single area in the game is accessible again, and everything the unique NPCs say comes down to "Please do your best to save this world". Then again, I also thought the game was done once I'd beaten the Ice Demon, and I'd probably be able to take it on with Pietro alone now. Then again, upon further reading it appears the game is actually divided into three separate stories, and in finding that information I also spoiled some of the ending for myself, but it's really not noticeable, outside of being shown at least one FMV and then an in-game cutscene upon defeating certain bosses.

In non-game related news, I made far too much of a mess while creating this, because after I sliced the plum in half, I tried twisting both halves opposite directions to cleanly separate at least one half from the pit. That, however, was not to be, seeing as when I twisted, the skin of the right half came off and the inside started dripping on the counter, so I just set the whole thing down and cut it up right there without so much as putting paper towel underneath it. They were good though, and if I'm not able to find anything else that looks good when I get home from work tomorrow, I'm going to make up a couple more, because there are still three plums in the fridge.

Anyways, time for bed, which will hopefully be decent because I have two fans going, one on each side of me. Then I'm actually going to try to sleep in tomorrow as well (no getting up as soon as I open my eyes to check the mail), but once again, that depends on the heat, although there's apparently a chance of thunderstorms from tomorrow evening through to Friday, so maybe it will rain on my way home and make it a bit more pleasant thus.

As per usual though, superfluousness, which means bed. It's almost 6 anyways, so meh~