Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Think that was Lightning :3

It had seriously better rain too, because looking at theweathernetwork.ca right now, there are two severe thunderstorm warnings, and on top of that, the current temperature is 34, and the "feels like" is at 43. And this is in June. Somewhat fitting though, because over the past couple weeks, I've found myself thinking every now and then that it had been surprisingly cool. Of course, I didn't want to say anything to anybody, because the same thing applies as at work, where if it's not busy, and somebody makes a comment about it not getting busy, we'll immediately get a rush of customers. Perhaps it really is just a string of coincidences, but I haven't heard any better explanations yet.

Oddly enough, it also smells like somebody is cutting their grass outside, but I have no will to get up and check right now, mostly because there's a house in the way. I did sleep in for a bit longer today, until 2:30 to be exact, but was once again dismayed to go downstairs and see absolutely nothing in the mailbox. There was one envelope on the counter, but it's addressed to Mom and Dad, and isn't nearly large enough to fit a CD into anyways. I don't really expect it to arrive tomorrow either, but given that I have both Friday and Saturday night off, I plan to get outside for a decent-length walk sometime after it gets dark, and will at some point stop by Tim Hortons as well because I want either donuts or cookies, and will have to decide which when I see what they have.

For now though, it just keeps getting darker and darker out, which is both cool and somewhat annoying (this storm had better not just blow over), and as long as it's not raining when I leave for work later, I'll be fine. "Later" tonight is 6:30, just to give plenty of time to get that issue cleared up at the bank, but now that I think of it, I should at least look around and see if I can try to find the card, then I need to clean off the SD cards for my camera as well (the files, that is) and charge the batteries, then have a shower too. Yay~

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