Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What I Dislike the Most

About work, in this case. When 3:00 rolled around tonight, both Manoah and James were outside, and I figured they'd be in shortly to help with getting the store closed. Twenty minutes later, however, and they finally decided to come back in, and when I asked where they'd been, was told that I'd locked the door and they couldn't get in. No, I did not. I put the dish cart in front of the door with a large box full of cardboard on top of it just to be difficult, but I never locked the door. Anyways, in that span of time I was able to finish almost everything on line, and was just wiping the area around the grill when they finally came back in. As a result, we didn't get out of there until quarter after 4, but the way I see it I've earned my two days off, so that's alright.

Moving on two more random things from earlier tonight before I left. For the first, I noticed this site had pretty much slowed to the point of not loading at all, and, wanting to see if it was because there were suddenly a whole bunch of other users logged in, so I, how to say this in a non-awkward sounding way, viewed the source "code" of the page, and was proven to be correct, by this one line: <!-- LiveJournal ExpressLane: You received this page before 1390 free users, saving approximately 27 seconds! -->. Odd, considering that the same sort of thing has only happened once or twice before to the best of my memory, and even though it's probably nothing more than coincidence, work was extremely busy too. It's back to normal now though, which leads me to the other thing.

As was mentioned a couple times in the past, I have a visit tracking thing set up for this just out of curiosity, to see how many visitors it gets each day, and which entries are being read (more often than not less than three per day, and usually my most recently posted entry), but over the past couple days, have been noticing something different. Somebody from Finland (or so the page tells me) is apparently actually reading this, which I'm basing on it not just showing "0 seconds" for the visit time as almost every single other one does. More curiosity led me to search Google for their hostname, as can be seen here, and looking at the first result, you're given a username, which may or may not have been correct for all I knew. At any rate, it's "Mineko", and they have a link to their DeviantArt page, except with a dash between "Mine" and "ko". Somehow from that, I got the idea that they might be a LiveJournal user too, so I tried the two obvious URLs. Mineko apparently lives in Germany, so they're not who I'm looking for, but Mine-ko's location is Finland, and their DeviantArt link is the same as on that oekaki profile page. So I feel smart and somewhat stalker-ish now, but such is curiosity and the lengths I will go to to satisfy it <3 Oh, and if you're reading this and I do have the right name / link, hi ^^; Don't mind my being weird. I'd say it's more curiosity again, but that'd be three times in the same paragraph, which is too many.

Also, what I wrote yesterday concerning canceling my Visa card. Apparently I have to call Visa directly, so I am going to do that before anything tomorrow afternoon (barring cereal), and hopefully my worry concerning having to answer security questions that I've forgotten the answers to will not actually come true. Further to the bad sort of stuff, a piece of the headband my ears are on snapped off tonight, so I plan on asking Dad if he has Krazy Glue tomorrow afternoon, but if not, going out to Canadian Tire to buy a tube of my own, because while tape is holding it fairly well, it's still more lose than normal, so I walked home without them tonight and it truly felt like I was missing something ;_; Then if glue doesn't work, probably emailing Chesh to ask if it'd be possible to commission another pair.

Anyways, it's time for bed which should actually be decent because I don't feel uncomfortably hot and sweaty like I did yesterday night. Then tomorrow, calling Visa (it sounds like something's missing there), finding or buying glue, going to Quiznos because it's Naomi's birthday, and finally, later at night (before 12), going to the Tim Hortons out on Park Ave and possibly Shoppers as well just to look around, because Sobeys only had one type of chocolate covered fruit, which had tangerines in it that tasted disgustingly sweet, and I'd prefer cranberries or something, so maybe they'll be there. Yeah~

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