Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Best Day to Have Off

This coming Wednesday, which is July 1st, and therefore Canada Day. Sure, having it off means that I won't be getting paid time and a half, but given how busy we've been then years past, I'm glad I only work until Tuesday. What's even better, they have Steve and Brandon closing. Just the two of them, and I think James is there 'till midnight, so he'll undoubtedly be asked to stay, and thinking about that makes me smile and giggle, especially when imagining how much Steve will be freaking out <3 Granted, if I was in his position I'd be somewhat stressed too, but lately he seems to still be stuck in this mindset of thinking that we have to be out as soon as possible after we close, whereas I feel there should be no mad rush, so long as we're getting paid for any additional time that we're there.

I don't have any particular plans here, and I know at least Mom and Dad will be going out to see the fireworks show in the field by The Pines, so I'll figure out something of my own to do too. Probably just a short to moderate length walk somewhere to get snacks, but I'd want to go somewhere I haven't been in a while. Bulk Barn comes to mind, but I'm also not sure how late they're open, so sometime between Sunday and Tuesday I'll have to walk over there after work and take a look at the sign.

In regards to those two bad things I wrote about in my previous entry, my ears have, by all appearances, been fixed, and I'm just waiting 'till later to see if the glue holds while out walking. I don't see why it wouldn't, but if I get overconfident now, I'll take one step outside of the house and the headband will snap again, so yesh. As for the Visa card, I called the number I was given at the bank last night, and spoke to a very nice guy by the name of "Manuel" (or something to that effect), who was expectedly apologetic ("You wish to cancel the card? I'm very sorry to hear that!"), and outside of not being able to find my account at first, was able to cancel it without any other problems, and I don't have to worry about paying the annual fee ($25) now either, so that's good :3

Supper was pretty good, considering I've never been to Quiznos before, and would have been better if Naomi hadn't been showing off for her friends and was being rude, but that's nothing new with her either. That, however, was an hour and a half ago, so for the time being, I'm waiting for it to get darker out so I can head to Shoppers and Tim Hortons. Probably around 8:30, but for now, I noticed there was also a cake sort of thing in the fridge earlier, so I'm going to see if Naomi's back yet so we can have some of it~

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