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It's. About. Time.

My God. I thought that shift would never end. I just got back from work, which was supposed to be an 8 to 3am shift. I had a feeling I'd be staying 'till close, as it would only be an hour more anyways. I'll start from the beginning though.

I arrived at Taco Bell about 10 minutes before 8pm. The drive-through didn't have too many cars in it, and there were still several spaces free in the parking lot, so I figured it couldn't be too busy inside...

FFS. I just spilled a whole bunch of cashews on the floor. Go me. I paid $5 for a medium-sized tub of them, and now about $1 worth is on the mat on the floor :P

Getting back on topic, I walked inside, went to the back, tucked in my shirt, and put on my name tag. I was about to clock in, but I noticed it wasn't quite 8 yet (we aren't supposed to clock in until the time that's written on the schedule at the back), so I wandered around for a bit, then Earl (the General Manager) asked me to come up to the front, and start working. Needless to say, I got stuck doing drive-through. Cat was there for about 10 minutes, then she left 'cause her shift was done, leaving me to do drive-through all by myself.

That I don't have a problem with. All you have to do is take three orders (as that's the number of cars that can fit from the window to the platform by which the menu board is placed), take the person at the window's money, give them their food, and take the next order after the next car in line pulls up. That may sound overly-complicated, but it's really not. It just takes a bit of getting used to.

Anyways, here's what caused all the problems tonight. From about 8 at night 'till 3:20 in the morning, the cars didn't stop pulling into the drive-through. Seriously. We got a couple 5 minute or so breaks now and then, but otherwise, the cars did not stop coming. Eventually, Josh (the shift manager) put on a headset and started taking orders, so I could focus on taking cash and handing out the food. That worked quite well, actually, but the shift still sucked.

Another reason why is, on Thursday nights, we're supposed to turn our headsets off and lock up the drive-through window at 3. That gives us an hour to clean up, and do whatever needs to be done in terms of getting the store tidied up for the day crew. However, this time, we weren't able to lock the drive through up and such until 3:20. It would've been even longer than that if Josh hadn't locked the tills.

That's when the real problems started. See, during a normal closing shift, the cars would come individually, or in short, small bursts, giving you plenty of time to get the dishes caught up (whoever's on drive-through has to do the dishes), but when the cars are coming in a solid line, you really aren't at the liberty to go back and wash some pans.

Needless to say, by the time we finally locked the drive-through up and such, we had an enormous pile of dishes to be washed. Long story short, it was 6 in the morning before we got out of there.

The really fun thing is that I have to be back again tonight from 10 to 5 in the morning. Urgh.

It's about time I was going to bed though.

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