Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Same Length of Time

Due to boredom and not having any other plans for the night, I decided to go for a walk. It was after I got home that I learned I can walk 15km in two and a half hours. The best part is I was trying to figure out how many kilometres per hour that equaled, and completely overlooked the fact that it took me that exact length of time (give or take a couple minutes) to walk out to and up Michener, then over to Taco Bell to rest for about ten minutes and get a glass of water, and thus, as long as my pace is the same as it was earlier tonight, my walking speed is 6km/h. As I should've expected, Steve was there, and simply had to tell me how last night went (apparently there were non-stop orders until 2), and how he was going to call me to see if I could help with dishes, but figured I wouldn't be at home. From about 9 to 10, no, but after that yes, although I'm still glad he decided not to.

Also regarding the walk, aside from that short rest at Taco Bell, I did not stop once. Sure, there were a couple points where I slowed down slightly to find a different song to listen to, but after a certain point, I could not slow down in the slightest anyways because my legs would start shaking, so that was fun.

I was planning on going to 7-11 for a small Slurpee at 3 as well, but between my legs hurting and not really wanting one after all, I've decided to wait. I do so wish I could be in this mindset all the time, because another thing that differed tonight compared to past walks was that I didn't stop anywhere for snacks, and as for that idea I had regarding Canada Day and Bulk Barn, I sort of forgot it's a holiday and they'll probably be closed, so that's out. Besides, that involves money, and I'm already going to be spending a fair chunk of what I get paid. Let's just say Dad informed me a little while back that from "here" on, he would need an extra $30 per month from us to pay for bills and whatnot. Funny that my issue with it isn't because of having to pay more, but because now they'll be getting $250 on the first pay of each month, which means I'll be left with $10. That could still work if I find something to put the leftover money towards, but in all likelihood I'll just start going to the bank before it closes or before my shift starts and asking a teller for the money.

Another thing I want to buy next week is a backup pair of ears, because while I was able to fix the pair I have, I'd strongly prefer to have a spare pair as well, just in case the other ones get irreparably damaged. As such, I'm waiting on a second reply from Chesh right now regarding how much the ears would be, and how much shipping is as well, but Paypal also supports instant transfers now, so that'll be alot more convenient.

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say for now, and I need to tidy up my bookmarks toolbar in Firefox, as well as my desktop, because they're all cluttered and messy~

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