Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Opposite of Yesterday

I figure by the time I got to sleep this morning it was 6, and I woke up at 2:30, which equals eight and a half hours of sleep. Nothing wrong there, but in spite of that, I'm still quite tired. That could be due to several factors though, the least of which being the continued heat (at least in the house), but I have to leave for work at 8, so perhaps the walk and being more active than I am right now will help. I do wish I had tomorrow off for some odd reason (the thought keeps flashing through my mind that I do, and I'm filled with a wave of relief at the thought of not having to go there two days in a row, then remember that I close then as well), but for the time being, I work tonight through Tuesday, then have Wednesday and maybe Thursday (assuming my memory is correct) off. After that, I'm pretty sure I work Friday then have Saturday off (at least), which would make me somewhat worried about my next pay if it wasn't for that we're supposed to be getting our vacation pay this week as well.

Still as mentioned yesterday, $250 is going to Mom and Dad (and to clarify what I said before, the problem is that I'll have to withdraw $260 from the ATM, because it only gives out twenties), then close to another hundred in other expenses if I buy the couple things online I've been thinking about (among other things, a shirt, and, as mentioned previously, an extra pair of ears from Chesh). Not overly bad, and I'll certainly be seeing more stay in my bank account than with past pays, so yay <3

Also, I need to stop checking my RSS feeds quite so often because there's rarely anything new or interesting in them only 5 minutes after I previously checked (go figure), but aside from that, I'm mostly playing this game. PoPoLoCrois was at a standstill last time I played it, because I'm trying to find Gami Gami Devil (or Steel Devil, if you prefer) and complete whatever quest is required to get him to go wait in the castle too. I figure with the equipment I've picked up for him since he was removed from my party again, he must come back at some point, but the closest I can find is the statue in Hunba Hunba Village, and his crashed jet sort of thing in the jungle outside of it. If I still haven't found him by Wednesday or so though (seeing as I'll probably play it some more then), I'll just continue on and go fight Maira or whatever is to come next, then check an FAQ after I've beaten the game so I know where to look when I play through it again. I need to anyways, because apparently there's a town in the middle of the ice field at the end of the first story that I completely missed before, and it's too late to go back now ;_;

It's growing close to 8:00 now though, so in the half hour I have left, I'm going to see if anything's being made for supper, and copy some files to my PSP because I found a version of Chip's Challenge / Tile World for it, and need more levels to give me something to do while I wait for 9 at work~

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