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I Don't See the Problem

As mentioned some time ago, we have several cases of Amp energy drinks at work that are supposed to be given out with the new box meals. If any go missing, all the staff working on whichever shift it / they disappeared on will be written up, and if the thief is actually caught, they'll be fired. Sort of extreme for such a small can of the drink, but I digress. The problem with their rule is that they're not always being given out when somebody orders a box meal, purely because we forget. Now, I can't think of any way for them to track how many should be there aside from looking at how many box meals were sold in a given day and comparing that to how many cans of the stuff there are, and tonight, we forgot to give out three. Two came from somebody in drive through shortly after 11 that wanted two of the things (box meals), but that's beside the point as well. Brandon may have taken one, because he had already taken it out from under line when Manoah told him not to, but in spite of that, before he (Manoah) and I left tonight, we each took one, and I figure it's justified for the reason I just went over, and also because we closed at 1 but didn't actually get out of there until 2:30.

The one thing I'm noticing about closing with him is that he's slowly edging more and more towards closing early. Tonight it was five minutes, and last time we worked together it was three or something, but for now, I don't intend to say anything, because it's the sort of behavior that will stop as soon as it gets noticed or pointed out. He was also being exceedingly nosy about another random topic while we were waiting for his Mom (I ended up getting a ride due to an unexpected problem created from walking yesterday), but then I attempted to take a picture of a star, and that got us onto the topic of eclipses until she arrived and we were on our way.

Nothing much has changed since I left for work, up to and including still not hearing back from Chesh yet, but the way things are going right now, I may both hear from her tomorrow, get that CD in the mail that I was waiting for all last week, and maybe even receive an email saying that something I bought just before leaving for work was shipped out. It's a player's / game guide for "PoPoLoCrois Monogatari II", which is the current book / story I'm playing through on my PSP right now. It is, unfortunately, mostly in Japanese (the guide), but after a quick search I saw it for only $10, and as such my payment has been sent off. I'm also going to end this abruptly now, because it's quarter after 6 and I still need to fill my water bottle up again before I go bed~