Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Full Week Later

Upon waking up and getting out of bed this afternoon, I had Naomi immediately inform me that something came for me in the mail, so I went downstairs and there was a small padded envelope on the counter. Inside was the CD I had expected to arrive last week and grew increasingly impatient waiting for, but it's on my shelf right now (the physical CD), and the songs have been ripped, so I need to look into either buying an 8GB memory stick on Wednesday (or Thursday), or deleting some other music I don't listen to that much anymore, which is the more sensible solution for right now.

Chesh still hasn't replied though, but I did get an email from eBay regarding a message the seller of that PoPoLoCrois guide sent me, simply to say that it'll be shipped out tomorrow. I can't shake the feeling that there's still something else coming for me in the mail too, but I cannot recall having purchased anything aside from that CD.

On a completely unrelated note I need to remember to accumulate the rest of the points I need to afford the Game & Watch Collection "prize" from Club Nintendo, because the deadline for earning coins is the end of June. At this point, I have 600, which is enough for the platinum gift (and hopefully the gold one as well), but that game is 800 coins, and I should still have enough surveys to earn 200 more. I've been putting that off for the past couple nights though, so I'll probably get a ride home from Steve later and do that straight away. I think it's going to rain tonight as well though, because it's unusually windy outside, and every single time the weather came on the radio last night, we were told it was going to rain.

Speaking of last night, there was an amusing note on the board at the back when I went in. Sheila's "Thought of the day" which was something like "If you want to gossip, do it about yourself". I would like to move that doing so is entirely impossible, because the whole point of gossip is talking about somebody else without their knowing. I suppose it would be possible if you had multiple personalities or whatever, but that's taking it slightly too far. Anyways, she wrote that after "catching" whoever was on line the other afternoon talking about her. Gossip will never stop. If they don't talk at work, they'll talk at home or other places, so the best you can do is just ignore it. I was trying to find that chat log I posted of Manoah and I talking in MSN one night just so I could be reminded of the couple things he's heard said about me, but literally, actions speak louder than words.

It's getting close to 7 though, so I'm going to take these last few minutes to clear whatever music off my PSP right now~

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