Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Always Works Out in the End

For most of the night at work yesterday, I was planning on coming home, finishing however many surveys Club Nintendo required to put me at or over 800 coins, then go out to 7-11 for a small bag of chips and chocolate bar or something, because I was really hungry, and didn't see anything to eat at home when I left for work. As such, when I did arrive back at the house I checked the fridge before anything, and was pleased to see pizza that had been ordered for supper. I still completed those surveys first though, and at present have 800 coins and enough surveys remaining to give me at least 210 for next year, but for now, it mostly comes down to receiving the original email from Nintendo about them switching membership systems, and upon logging in and transferring my account, saw that you could complete surveys and buy prizes / earn "special" rewards if you accumulated at least 300 coins. In short, I have all I need for this year, and the only game I plan on actually buying for right now is Mario & Luigi RPG 3, and you earn only 40 coins for completing both DS game surveys anyways.

Also, I started getting extremely tired at about 4:30 last night. Somewhat unusual, but I also drank a full glass of chocolate milk about half an hour before that too, so that might have something to do with it. As such, I ended up going to bed shortly after 5, planning to sleep in even because the only thing I have to do today before work is the dishes, which I'm going to start at 5:30. Sleeping in didn't last very long, because I woke up again at exactly 12:57 and figured I'd be up for the rest of the day, but then went back to sleep at 2 again, and woke up at 4. I now feel better rested, and while I'm not sure what's going to be made for supper tonight, will probably either go to 7-11 when I get home from work.

I absolutely must go to Taco Bell tomorrow night as well now, because Steve's already freaking out about how busy Wednesday night is going to be, in that he asked Megan if she'd stay and close if they needed her (she works 'till midnight), and she said yes, despite my suggesting that it wouldn't be allowed because it's a time and a half day. Steve, however, well, he's himself, and is still disregarding any rule that doesn't make things easier for him, so I dearly hope that he gets in some sort of trouble. Also on the same sort of note, Ange has been randomly stopping by all too often on nights lately, walking into the back without her uniform on or anything, so last night, I decided to start taking note of that. Who comes in, and at what time. Just on the shifts I work, of course, but then at the end of July, will try to meet with Melissa for a bit and say "This needs to stop". We're far from perfect ourselves, yes, but having a job there does not mean Taco Bell is a place you can hang out at whenever you wish because you're bored of other places or want free food.

Anyways, Naomi's yelling to Mom about it being 5 so she can start making supper, which means I should probably go down there now~

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