Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Patience is Nonexistent

At least in regards to Steve, because he was once again being all to pleasant after 11 tonight and the orders wouldn't stop. I'll admit I was getting impatient too, but after 12:30 or so I realized we weren't getting out of there until about 2 anyways, and instead just giggled and shot apologetic looks to some of the customers in drive through when he was slamming the headsets around because the "Batteries were dead" and such. Rest assured that I'm definitely going there tomorrow night around 10 as well to see how they're doing, and also to try a Volcano Burrito, because as bad as they are, they do look good, so I would like to say I have. Perhaps the Volcano Crunchwrap too, but that'll be something for next week, if not later.

Unfortunately, we didn't get our vacation pay this week, making it two weeks in a row now that we've been told "It'll be on your next pay" (we'd better get it eventually...), but I still made enough to cover the money Mom and Dad need with a decent amount left, and that's after putting another $30 on my Money Mart card, so I'm going to take that up to Tim Hortons at some point during the afternoon, then go to Taco Bell around 10 or so later at night. I know Mom and Dad have plans to go to the park or something, which Naomi and Adam may be joining them for, but at this point, by only definite plan is to do laundry. Well, that and maybe one other thing that I've been putting off for a couple months now, but the problem with it is not being able to find a good way to start. There are a few things I need to tidy up or put away in my room too (my mattress cover is still tucked away underneath one of my bedside tables, because the bare mattress is slightly cooler), but such are normal things for having a day off, and tomorrow's a holiday so I really should do something special, but there's plenty of time to work something out yet.

I think I'll start by going to bed though, because it's quarter to 7, and staying up isn't really getting me anywhere. Well, with slight room cleaning first, because as silly as it sounds, I'm not going to get a good sleep with the state it's in right now~

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