Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Still Some Waiting Left

Received this email from Nintendo earlier this morning:

Congratulations! You reached Gold or Platinum status by the deadline of June 30th, 2009. Thank you for being a Nintendo fan and for providing feedback on products at Club Nintendo. We are finalizing details on our Gold and Platinum Special Rewards, and will have an announcement within the next month. When the announcement is made, you will receive an email requesting that you login to your Club Nintendo account in order to redeem your Special Reward. If you are a member of a Club Nintendo Family account, your Account Administrator will have to accept this Special Reward. We will then distribute rewards before the end of the calendar year. Thank you again!

Making the announcement within the next month is fine, I guess, because as long as I'm not counting the days this month should hopefully not drag along, but distributing the rewards before the end of the year? What was the point to the "Club Nintendo year" ending on June 30th then? Oh well. I'll wait until whenever they send out that second email to redeem the "special reward", then spend my 800 hard earned coins and have two things to wait for in the mail ^^ Waiting on some emails too, from Chesh and Cola for the time being, then I also emailed a random blog owner whose site I subscribe to via RSS to ask why my comments with links to the (self-created) feed for it were always being deleted, but he responded to say that he's making his own RSS feed anyways, and that he isn't personally deleting my comments, but rather running a script that removes any containing URLs to avoid spam. Sensible, and I plan on sticking with mine anyways, so yay <3

I also seem to have a bit more room to work with regarding how much Mom and Dad are getting each month, because I stopped by the ATM on the way home last night and withdrew $260. Twenty of that was split into two tens at 7-11 after I'd had a quick chance to rest at home and catch up on a few things, so when I went to bed I had $210 set aside for Dad, and $40 for Mom. Then just a few minutes ago I gave it to them, and I asked him to count it just to make sure there was enough there, and he said something about $300, which quickly changed to $260, then $250 after that. $180 for room / board / whatnot, $30 for the internet, and $40 for gas. I'm almost completely positive that's correct.

Anyways, there's supposed to be a parade going on either right now or very soon, so just because this is awesome, uncaring timing, I'm going to go out to Tim Hortons now while it's not busy and they have a better selection of stuff. Lord knows after the parade everybody will be flocking there and they will run out of at least a few things quite quickly, so yeah~

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