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This is a Tempting Offer

Something eBay just showed / asked me: "Spend just US $372.01 more with this seller and qualify for US $10.00 shipping if you pay for the items together". No, thanks. I only spent ~$40, and I highly doubt there'd be enough other stuff in their store to total $373. Funny, but at the same time it's obviously an automated message, so meh. What's better is I bought the item (that shirt mentioned at least once before) tonight, as opposed to waiting, because I was trying to close as many tabs as possible in Firefox, and I've had that one open for the better part of two weeks now. So that leaves my PoPoLoCrois guide, ears from Chesh, and now a shirt that I'm expecting in the mail. Also the rest of our money from Grandpa's estate, but where that's concerned, we've received nothing in regards to it aside from the full sheet of paper sized envelopes that they're sending out, and that's no indication that we'll be getting it any time soon.

Dad also told me two things earlier, one of which had to do with money, being that I have him $10 too much the other afternoon. Apparently he's only expecting $200 every month, so that works for me. The other thing was that work had called wanting to know if I'd come in at 8 to help, but I ended up going out to Giant Tiger then having a shower, and just generally no. We're rarely given more than two closers for Sunday through Wednesday, yet when I work any of those days, I still work just as hard as I would any other shift, and simply accept that we won't be getting out of there right away if it ends up being busy. Try applying that to Thursday, Friday, or Saturday though, and suddenly there's this unspoken "We can't deal with what we have ;_;". Admittedly, I would be none too happy if there were only two of us closing on a Thursday night (in this case), but I can't remember the last time somebody was called in on a shift I worked (which is sort of surprising when I think about it), so, quite frankly, they shouldn't be calling me when I have a day off.

Then again, it is summer, so it's probably busier, but I really haven't noticed it this year. To get even more general than that, I haven't really thought of it as being summer at all (aside from those several days last week when it was cruelly humid), so that's sort of interesting.

Anyways, having a shower wasn't particularly interesting (as might be expected :B), but going to Giant Tiger was once again fun, because I bought yet another furred pillow (that makes at least five I have that are either leopard-spotted or furred) for $5 when there were two other tags on it listing ten and twenty dollars as the price. Earlier on in the afternoon I had started rewriting the same entry three times because I wasn't in a very good mood and wanted to write about why to get it off my mind, but sometime since then that changed, and now I'm having what amounts to a normal night. Depending on what Cola says when he responds to the email I sent him, that may get even better, but I also have a feeling he's away at Anthrocon, so I won't be hearing back from him immediately. I was also going to make french toast earlier, but there are only three eggs left in the carton, so then I decided on KD with hot dogs sliced up in it, but sure enough, there weren't any hot dogs in the fridge either, so in the end I microwaved two packets of the Easy Mac stuff, then added milk, parmesan cheese, salt, and steak glaze. Combining the glaze and seasoning, they can be put on pretty much everything <3

I've also just spent almost two hours trying to solve a problem with Windows. For reasons I'll get to in a moment, I had a copy of GMail Notifier's gnotify.exe on my desktop. For some reason, the filename was truncated to "gnot", and the full thing wouldn't show even if I clicked on it. After much (eventually nauseating) searching around on Google, I found something that appeared to work (the last post here), but as soon as I opened Styler and the font was changed, the problem came back. Now I'm noticing another one where Firefox takes a full two seconds to minimize after clicking the button, but hopefully restarting again will fix that. Oh, well forget that. Winflip was doing something weird, and simply exiting out of it solved that problem. Anyways, what made me notice that to begin with was working on this. I tried changing at least one of the icons before, but I think I replaced the one displayed in the program's folder and not any that show up in the tray. Nevertheless my second attempt worked fine, so yay ^^

This entry is really going on and on too, so given that, and how it's already 6:30 in the morning, I'm off to bed because I do have to work tomorrow night. More things will come tomorrow assuming I'm in the same sort of pleasantly tired state, but I should probably leave a couple notes in Notepad just in case I forget~

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