Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is a Timely Break

Starting tomorrow I close for six days in a row. All the shifts start at 8, so at least that much is consistent, and it'll contribute nicely towards my next pay, but I'm still not looking forward to it. We seem to be back up to usual busyness for Summer again, so it's not unusual for it to take us close to an hour to clean up after we close. Still, it's not like I mind that as long as we're being paid for that extra bit of time, but after several of those shifts in a row the desire to not be busy and get out of there almost straight away is quite strong. Such was the case last night, where after about 11:00 I did line by myself until close (with constant orders), then we ended up being there 'till quarter after 4 cleaning up after that, but in fairness that was partly our faults as well, because more water was being sprayed around, among other things. I was going to make french toast when I came home too, but ended up making a Volcano Burrito before we left, because the one I ordered on Wednesday night that Steve made didn't have red strips in it. Then because of that, I figured I'd save it to make later tonight instead, but as it turns out, we had hamburgers for supper, and I'll likely eat them later on instead. Whatever though. I have next Saturday off, so I might as well just forget about it for a week and make it when I come home on Friday night, and that way I have something to look forward to that doesn't involve spending money ^^

Tonight will likely be slightly more boring as such, but if I could just reach over and grab my PSP I'd play PoPoLoCrois some more, because I did at work before my shift started yesterday, and was just able to reunite my party in Remoria before saving and going in to change. There actually isn't a whole lot to mention about it right now though. The whole thing with your party being split up and having to navigate through each area with one individual character was annoying (especially for Narcia), because you're more or less left to battle mechanics in whether or not enemies will be dealing critical (as in extra-damaging) hits. Still, when I entered said area I had just over 100,000 gold, and now have almost twice that. Thinking about it, that would be better if Remoria wasn't likely the last area in the game, but hopefully there will be other side-quests and whatnot to complete afterwards. Moving away from the game though, I put this movie on my PSP, and let James and Manoah watch it last night. Manoah had this look of surprise and disgust on his face all the way throughout, and James kept looking at me either as if he was about to start laughing or was going to ask "What?!" Therefore, I have to put this one on there for tomorrow night as well, just because they sound so utterly absurd, yet believable at the same time <3

I would also have a new picture of my desktop here, because I've been getting a good deal more serious about customizing it lately (at least as far as reshacking the icons go), but have run into one slight problem. Take a look in the upper-left corner of whatever browser you're using right now. There's an icon there, yes? It's size is 16 pixels by 16 pixels, which is quite fine and irrelevant at this point, but I want to remove it. The way to do that is use Reshacker (or some similar program) to replace the corresponding icon with a blank one, and I have a blank 16×16 icon on my desktop just for that purpose. However, as far as I can tell, all sizes of a given icon in the program are stored in one group (when you open it in Reshacker), thus, by replacing that entire group with the one blank 16×16 icon, I'm getting rid of all the icons. That works for what I'm trying to achieve, but also blanks them out anywhere else (such as in the start menu with explorer.exe which is the one I'm fiddling with (and is made even more fun by Windows File Protection), so what I have to do is find some way to open the package of icons that are already in the program, and replace just the 16×16 one with the blank icon :B

That's confusing enough, and I think I'll go work on that right now to save myself the worry of wondering what I was working on later~

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