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Doing Two Things at Once

For the first part of the night (after I posted the previous entry), I fiddled around with Reshacker and Icondeveloper and generally was able to get to a point where I had the series of steps required to do what I wanted memorized. Sometime in between that and finishing that task, however, I decided to look for a guide on how to convert .pmf files to AVIs. Simply put, I've still been uploading movies from PoPoLoCrois to that Youtube account, and earlier on I got a message asking if I could upload more, because there aren't enough on that site or something. That involves even more steps though, so just for my reference, both things. Also, one note before this: these directions are according to what I was doing, and may or may not be right. I can't guarantee you'll get the same result, or that all of the steps will even work for you, but despite that, here they are.

1]Before anything, you'll need a transparent 16×16 icon. For easiness' sake, one can be found here. If you don't have another folder created for this purpose, just save it to your desktop.
2]Open the .exe, .dll, or any other file type containing the icon you wish to remove in Resource Hacker (from here on referred to as "Reshacker"). Expand the "Icon Group" foler, and from there, expand each subfolder and click on the "1033" text, keeping an eye on the preview at far-right for the icon you wish to overwrite. Please note that it is impossible to overwrite just one icon out of the entire group with Reshacker, so it is normal to see more than one icon in the preview.
3] Right-click on the "1033" text, and choose "Save [Icon Group: [group number here] : 1033]". Navigate to the directory where you want to save the icons, type in a filename, and either press enter or click "Save".
4] Open the icon you created in step 1 in Paint.NET (you will need the .ico plugin found here installed as well). Hold CTRL and press A, then release both keys, and hold CTRL again, but this time press C.
5] Open the file you saved in the previous step with IconDeveloper. Left-click on the entry in column at left labeled "16 × 16 - Windows XP", then in the menu at the top, click "Insert" followed by "From clipboard...". If you get an error saying there is no bitmap in the clipboard, read and repeat the previous step very carefully.
6] In the window that opens, remove all of the entries except for "16 × 16 - Windows XP" by left-clicking on each one, followed by clicking the "Remove" button at the bottom of the window. We're removing these icons because otherwise Icondeveloper will overwrite all of them with your blank icon, and that's not what you want.
7] Click "Select transparent color" at the top of the window, then click anywhere in the icon preview (the square white box) above the "16 × 16 - Windows XP" text.
8] Click "OK", then save the file. Preferably just by pressing CTRL-S, because it's easiest.
9] Open Reshacker again. If you closed it after the third step, open the program with the icon you're going to remove again, and navigate back to the group you found in step 2.
10] Right-click on the same "1033" text located in the second step, but this time choose "Replace Resource...".
11] Click "Open File With New Icon...", locate the file you saved in step 7, then click "Open" followed by "Replace".
12] If the program you're making changes to is running, close it now. You may need to right-click on the taskbar, choose "Task Manager", open the "Processes" tab, and end the process from there. That can be accomplished by right-clicking on the image name, and choosing "End Process". Be sure to answer "Yes" to any prompts that come up.
Save your changes in Reshacker with CTRL-S again, or whatever other method you prefer. Don't worry about creating a backup of the file you're working on, because Reshacker will do that automatically when you save it. Launch the program again from the start menu or by navigating to the installation folder and opening it from there, or if you happen to be modifying a system file (explorer.exe for example), click "File", "New Task (Run...)", and either type the complete path to the program, or click the "Browse..." button and locate the .exe from there.
13] That's it! The icon that used to be in the titlebar (in the upper-left of the window) should now be gone.
Extra] Should you wish to revert back to the old program, navigate to the directory where it is installed, and delete the file you made changes to (for example, if you reshacked Firefox, it would be "firefox.exe") in the same folder you should find another executable with "_original" appended to the end of the name. Simply remove that extra text (along with the underscore), restart the program, and everything should be back to normal. There also appears to be a free icon editing program here, should the price on IconDeveloper put you off. The steps above will very likely differ though, so bear that in mind.

-] This mini-guide was created after converting several files from PoPoLoCrois. There's no reason it should differ for other games, but it may, so don't be surprised if your movies don't come out properly.
1] Download this ZIP file and extract it's contents to your desktop, or another working folder if you have one set up. Copy one of the .pmf files (found in [ISO Root\PSP_GAME\USRDIR\data\mov\]) into that same folder, and rename it "convert.pmf".
2] Double-click on the "pmf to avi + at3" batch file found in the same folder, and wait for a bit. Once the window closes you should find two files in the "OUTPUT" folder. "done.avi" and "Audio1.at3".
3] Connect your PSP to your computer, and create a folder at the root of the memory stick named "at3", then download this file. Extract both folders to the "GAME" directory (found in [PSP Root\PSP\]). Copy the Audio1.at3 file created in the previous step into the "at3" folder at the root of your memory stick.
4] Disconnect your PSP and launch the new program named "Ultimate AT3 Decoder". If you get an error message, your PSP is either not homebrew-capable, or is incorrectly configured, but both problems are beyond the scope of this guide. Assuming it loads, you should see text in the upper-left corner of the screen that says "A Converter...t3...". The memory stick light will also be flashing, which is completely normal, so put your PSP down and busy yourself with something else for a few minutes, because the conversion takes a bit of time.
5] Once the program finishes converting the AT3 file, a second message will appear that says "Clicka TRIANGULO para sair". You don't even have to understand it to get the "Triangle" part, so press that button, then connect your PSP to your computer again.
6] Move the converted file (most likely a file named "t3" found in the root of your memory stick) to your desktop or your working folder, then open the "done.avi" file you created in step 2 in VirtualDub.
7] Click the "Audio" menu, then choose "Audio from other file...", and select the converted file you just moved off your memory stick on the previous step.
8] Click the "Video" menu, then choose "Compression", and select your preferred codec. If none are available (or you're not sure what to choose), install ffdshow, then go back to step 6, and when you reach this step again, choose "ffdshow Video codec" from the list.
9] Click the "Video" menu again, but this time choose "Color Depth", and in the box on the right, make sure "32 bit RGB (888) (dummy alpha channel)" is selected, then click "OK".
10] Click the "File" menu, then "Save old format AVI". Type in a filename, press enter, and wait for the movie to be encoded. Once it's finished, you should find a complete AVI on your desktop (or working folder) with the audio you would hear in-game, that you can do whatever you like with!

If there's one thing that can sum those up, it's that they're both easy enough after you figure out what to do, but impossible to explain concisely. Oh well. Also, just because I really need to go to bed very very soon (it's almost 7am), here is my desktop now :3 It doesn't look like it required a whole lot of work, but in all, it kept me busy for a couple hours today, and in retrospect that was exactly what I needed. Now I'm off to bed because I do have to work tomorrow, and that shift also starts my string of 6, so yay, and hopefully I'm not closing with Steve~

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