Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Difference of A Thousand

Was just playing PoPoLoCrois, because I ventured a bit further in it at work earlier, then quit without saving because I was in the middle of fighting Boxie when I had to go in to change, so I beat that boss, then took a look at his entry in the monster list to see how much HP he had. The answer was 15,000, and sure enough, Maira was through the door at the top of the room, and through playing the game you'll learn that she's one of the evil characters, and a battle is / was to be expected with her eventually as well. When fighting her, however, there are four targets. She is one, then the other three are the snake heads coming from her left and right sides, as well as the back of her legs which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Anyways, the first time I fought her I thought you were meant to defeat the heads first, because they would heal her if she took enough damage, but as it turns out, the only purpose of the heads is to be a pain. If you defeat one, one of the other heads will use "Revive" which brings the dead head (yay :B) back to life with either 550 or 650 HP. Then if you're lucky enough to defeat all three heads at once as I was able to, she's able to revive one as well, and of course, they attack when she does (so the flow of battle might be (with the party I had) Pietro -> Kimen -> Maira -> Head 1 -> Head 2 -> Head 3 -> Leona -> Narcia), so within one turn all the heads will be revived and you'll be right back where you started.

Still, I was able to defeat her, and once again out of curiosity, checked the monster list for how much HP she had, because the battle seemed to drag on forever. Only 16,000, surprisingly enough, but at any rate, she's sort of been defeated, but as with most plot-integral characters, despite beating one in battle, they still manage to remain alive, and now the general idea seems to be able to "save her from Barbaran's clutches", so yeah. I would still be playing it, because I want to see if there's some place to buy more items (I used up alot of mine getting through the dungeon area of Remoria as well as in those two battles), but as if this moment it's 5:40, and I'm not going to be up until 7am like I was yesterday.

Tonight's close (and as previously mentioned, the first of 6) went pretty well aside from Steve being annoying for the usual reasons, and how busy it was at first, but that's pretty much normal nowadays, so whatever. Tomorrow should be interesting because we were either running out or completely out of quite a few things tonight (Pepsi, 7-UP, Dr. Pepper, Lettuce, 12″ torts, forks, and fry / nacho boxes), and unless Melissa brings some of the more-important things up from Windsor, they're going to have a multitude of problems to worry about either at or during the middle of the lunch rush. I don't start until 8pm again though, and the thing I'm worried most about right now is the order, but I also close on Thursday, so having to put it away one night in return for not seeing Ramsey the other seems fair enough.

I'm also sort of looking forward to waking up tomorrow afternoon, to see if anything arrived in the mail for me, because the tracking page for that guide says it arrived in Mississauga on the 3rd. Then again, that was right before the weekend, so probably not tomorrow, but hopefully still sometime this week. I actually woke up quite early this morning (~11am), and, completely forgetting it was Sunday, went downstairs to check the mailbox and was dismayed to find nothing there. Hopefully I won't do the same thing again this morning, because I'm going to bed, hopefully to sleep straight through until 2:30 or 3, but we'll see~

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