Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Awesome Timing Once Again

On two counts really, because when I first planned on writing this entry, the whole site was down, yet it was working fine earlier in the night. Oh well. This is being typed in Notepad for the time being, simply because posting an entry just before I go to bed seems to be part of my routine right now, and as such, if I were to not do so, going to sleep immediately would feel wrong.

Anyways, timing. Yesterday night I mentioned the tracking page for that guide saying it was in Mississauga, but figuring it still wouldn't show up until later this week. This'll be one of the few cases where I was wrong, because a couple hours after I went to sleep (probably around 11), I woke up for long enough to open my laptop slightly and refresh the page, and was surprised to see that it had (apparently) gone out for delivery only ten minutes after I laid down to go to sleep. Sure enough, when I actually woke up later in the afternoon I went downstairs to see a padded envelope on the counter for me <3 What's better, I finally got an email today saying that the shirt I also mentioned buying in here a little while back had been shipped out, then about half an hour before I left for work, couldn't help myself buying a guide for the first PoPoLoCrois game / story in the PSP version. Not that I need it, and it's not like I can read most of the text in either that one or the one that came in the mail today anyways (they're largely in Japanese, with only a select few things printed in English as well (and even in the case of those, the spelling may not be the same as in the English version of the game ("Persela" instead of "Pasela" for example (yay for nested brackets)))), but you might consider it behavior that's drawn from having enjoyed the game so much, and wanting to have something else that has to do with it aside from the actual game. Such is the reason I have quite a few player's guides (which are in English, of course) for some of my other games, but I've already spent enough time trying to justify it when that's not really necessary.

Then work... It was an okay shift by any means, but once again I have to disagree with Steve on something. Among other things, we were completely out of 12″ torts tonight, which meant we couldn't make Crunchwraps, and the new Box Meal is supposed to come with a Volcano Crunchwrap. I'm not sure if it's a decision he made on his own or what, but when I first got there and was grabbing a glass for water, he informed me that we'd be giving the customers Volcano Burritos instead, as long as they agreed, because we "Shouldn't have to use smaller torts". I ended up being on line though, and while he was off doing something in the back, told Eryn (who was on drive through) that I'd still make them, because somebody was asking for one. He didn't notice anything with the first, but then when the second appeared on the board, the first words out of his mouth were "Umm, Eryn...", and then he sort of complained to himself that we weren't listening again. Granted, Steve is the manager and we're supposed to listen to him, but dear god, how I long to eventually close (or even work for an hour or two) with Melissa so I can ask her "What do you think about this?" Last time I talked to Earl, he made it clear that I should ask myself "What would Earl do?" and act accordingly, but Melissa may be different, although I really hope she agrees with the way I'm looking at it. In terms of good things though, it wasn't very busy, and line ended up being quite throughly cleaned by the end of the night (in it's entirety by me, amusingly enough), so at least tonight turned out to be more typical with the way we were last year at this time.

I ended up walking out to Michener then home from there pretty much on a whim too, but then spent another 20 minutes in the bathroom when I got home due to causes unknown (I think "abdominal distress" sums things up well enough though). Thankfully that issue didn't persist for longer than that 20 minutes, so once it had subsided, I went downstairs and made myself two more grilled cheese sandwiches, this time with baja / pepperjack sauce on the inside of one, and avocado ranch on the inside of the other, with nacho cheese to dip them in. Surprisingly good, but the sauce made the cheese slippery, so unless I held the sandwich just so, the cheese would fall out as I picked it up, and I'd be left with oddly flavored bread :B That was followed up with more converting of movies from PoPoLoCrois, and there was one .at3 file that couldn't be converted (the program kept creating a 44-byte file then asking me to press triangle), so if it's still presenting a problem when I finish with the other ones, I'll just convert the movie then record the audio with my microphone.

It's about time for bed as well though. 6:05, and my only concern aside from work tomorrow is washing dishes, so as with yesterday night, hopefully I'm able to sleep in until at least 3~

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