Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Mystery of the Missing Files

As far as I can tell I've converted all the PMFs from PoPoLoCrois, yet loading the album save you get upon beating the game and watching all of the movies shows that there are at least six or seven that I'm missing. However, I've gone over the "mov" folder more than once, and although there are some files that I didn't use, almost all of them are 49kb and are a blank movie when converted, and the only other one is the very first intro screen you see when you start the game. It's still strange though, because unless all of those 49kb files act as shortcuts to the actual movies, they're nowhere to be found on the UMD, although I guess one thing that might be worth doing is connecting my PSP to my laptop so it accesses the UMD directly and see if anything is different compared to the ISO.

So there's not only that, but also the single AT3 file I wasn't able to convert. Such is made even more annoying by how I spent a good part of the afternoon searching Google for directions on how to convert AT3 files to MP3s on one's computer, then come home from work and clue in that there's a difference between ATRAC3 and ATRAC3Plus (the latter of which is what I assume is causing the problem), so all of the programs and codec packs and other miscellaneous files I downloaded and installed wouldn't have worked anyways. That's also the reason I'm strongly considering reinstalling XP again on Saturday, because I've downloaded and installed alot of stuff in the past few days trying to sort out those problems, and as silly as it sounds, Windows on a whole just doesn't feel "clean" anymore. Doing so will depending on my stopping procrastinating and actually uploading as many of those movies as possible tomorrow afternoon though, so that may or may not happen depending on what time I wake up.

Work was decent again, and I have a feeling I'm going to be on drive through tomorrow, because not only have I been on line for three shifts straight without major incident now, but Ange is also supposed to work 'till 11, and I really can't picture her or Manoah being too thrilled with the idea of being on it. No sense worrying though, because if not tomorrow, definitely Friday night, and as long as it isn't really busy, drive through requires less to be done anyways. On a more interesting note, I walked in there tonight just in time to see Melissa talking to Manoah and Steve, saying that if she were to catch anybody doing something I didn't hear, they'd be fired on the spot, then they talked about over-portioning and something else to do with fries for a bit, and then Melissa had to go back inside for something.

I really should go to bed seeing as it's already quarter after 6 though, so if I don't get to uploading movies tomorrow afternoon, most certainly updating my PSP's firmware (to a custom version, of course), because there are several interesting-looking things I've found for it that will only work on the later versions~

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