Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

There's No Reason for This

Outside of being busy, it should never take us until 2:30 to clean up and leave, when we close at 1. In fairness, Manoah called Eryn in tonight because it was really busy and he wasn't feeling that well to begin with, so if she hadn't come in we'd have been there even longer, but after 1:00 the two of them spent almost half the time it took us to close talking about Sheila and other such random subjects. I won't complain beyond that, because at this point I'm over halfway through my string of 6 closes and am simply working towards being done on Friday night thus, but that's one of the few reasons I like closing with Steve anymore. Once we're closed to customers, getting out of there becomes highest priority. Not before making sure it's a good close first, but then again, I'll say that for myself and not for him, because I don't know how he feels.

Steve is really on thin ice anyways though. Melissa was quite angry with him over his decision to not make Crunchwraps the other night when we ran out of the proper sized torts for them (and subsequent demands that I not make them either), as well as his constant closing early (once again, to be fair I haven't said anything to him yet because I like getting out of there as early as possible too), locking the far dining room door before 11 and even kicking customers out of the dining room when they were in there past 11 in one case, and so on. Those and more are all reasons I really, really need to work with or at least see Melissa privately as soon as possible, so I can ask her "Do I have the authority to disobey Steve if I know whatever he's doing or saying is wrong?" I don't want to be a manager. That hasn't changed, but I do wonder if seniority makes a difference anywhere down the line. It really had better.

As for news outside of work, I'm leaning even more towards reinstalling XP on my next day off, so I uploaded some of those movies this afternoon, but then almost immediately afterwards downloaded the stuff I needed to upgrade my PSP's firmware to 5.00 M33-6, which was promptly followed up by downloading new homebrew programs and custom themes, so there really has come to be too much for me to keep track of now. Not that I'm claiming to be able to normally keep track of all the files on my laptop, but to give an example, I like to be able to identify why certain files are there if I look in the Temp directory, or when I installed some other certain program, and how I must've forgotten to uninstall it, instead of just downloading and / or installing whatever and forgetting it ever existed once I'd finished with it. Also, that mod to remove the title bar icons is getting a bit tiresome, because I didn't expect removing the closed folder icon to affect each and every folder on here (at least in List or Details view), so yeah.

I was planning on writing more too, but it's almost 6:30 now, so I'm just going to go to bed. Tomorrow afternoon is grocery shopping, and I'm looking forward to that for a change of pace, but other than that, another standard afternoon, then working 8-close. Fun~

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