Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Wish Has Been Granted

This coming Monday at 5:00pm, I, along with whoever else signs up for that time slot, have a staff meeting with Melissa, possibly regarding new rules (I'm not completely sure about that), and also involving a portion test, which Manoah says is having to write down what comes on what for every single item we sell, then making a taco or something to show that we know how to properly portion everything. I'm not concerned about the first part, because that's something you memorize after you've been working there for long enough, but in regards to the second, I have little to no clue of the proper amounts for everything. I just go by what looks the most appealing and is also the fastest, but thinking about it some more, if they did have all of us make a taco or whatever, that would amount to alot of wasted food, so I'll just wait and see what happens on Monday. Since we're meeting with her though, I can only hope it's one-on-one, or there will be a chance to talk privately, because I still need to ask her about that stuff regarding Steve, and also what she considers acceptable for cleaning the fry dump and bagging cold line, along with the other things we try to do at night, because sooner or later I'm going to have to close with her, and I'd rather ask my questions now than wait until then and ask "When can this be done?" way too many times.

Steve actually closes with Manoah and I tomorrow night too, but at this point, it's all but been decided that he's going to be on drive through, because Manoah was on it yesterday night and I was tonight, so it's only fair, especially considering he's just had at least one day off. If that ends up actually being how the shift goes, there's most certainly going to be complaining coming from him about the headsets being broken or not being able to hear the customers or all the batteries being dead, but that's pretty much normal nowadays. I really wish I didn't have to work either, because after tonight it would be really nice to not have to wake up in the morning and instantly remember that I have to work, but it's only one more shift, and I can still make french toast when I get home, but that depends on what time we get out of there. Tonight it took us 45 minutes. Last night it was an hour and a half. Following that pattern, perhaps tomorrow it will only take ~23. We'll see.

Still on the work note, I forgot to mention last night that Eryn is about the only one thus far who has known that there's a difference between house cats and snow leopards, because a little while ago Manoah and I closed together, and I left something mundane for him to do (emptying the mop bucket, I think) despite him asking me to do it, so he decided to tell me he'd bring in one of those attention-catching object on a string toys to trick me with. If it was in any way leopard-spotted, I would keep it, but otherwise give it to our cats because they would make use of it for a couple hours or so at least. Anyways, apparently he was telling her that while I was outside waiting for them last night, and she told him there was a difference, so the first thing I hear when they come out (aside from laughing and imitating Sheila) was something about me being a snow leopard and not a house cat, then I promptly took off for home because I had gotten tired of waiting for them.

With that, I'm going to try to go to bed though, because I started hiccuping about 20 minutes ago and it's not going away and it being really annoying as such, so hopefully sleep or even flipping over onto my stomach will fix that. I don't think anything interesting is happening tomorrow (aside from work) either, but at very least I could stand to record the movies from PoPoLoCrois that I couldn't find on the UMD, so maybe I'll do that, or just back other files up in preparation for formatting on Saturday. Yesh~

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