Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

If Anything, I'm Nervous

Simply in regards to this staff meeting tomorrow. I overheard Melissa on Friday night saying it would be close to an hour, so that sucks right away, but the wording on the note at the back is a bit ominous. "You must take and pass a portions test" means what, exactly? Sort of like we're going to be given an otherwise blank sheet with all the menu items on it, and expected to write down not only what comes on each thing, but also specifically how much of each ingredient should be used. The first part is easy, but the second is something that I've heard more than once (and even repeated to somebody I don't know here) is only required to be memorized / known by managers. Then again, I highly doubt Steve knows (m)any of those, so there's a little bit of breathing room there.

The only definite thing is Melissa having new rules to discuss (to make sure we all hear the same thing) as well as old rules to reiterate and make sure everybody is following. That's fine, as long as the new rules either don't target any specific shifts, or do so equally so all shifts have their own unique rules to abide by. I've been trying to follow almost all of them that I deemed unnecessary in the past recently, which is why I didn't stay to close tonight despite Steve asking twice. It wouldn't surprise me if he and George closed early, and he also took the fry dump down around 9:30, when it isn't supposed to be done until 11. To be technical, I doubt either of those things are included in the list of what she wants to address, but as I've said many times now, I hope to speak with her in the hallway or office for a minute to ask if I'm allowed to overstep Steve in those situations where he's not abiding by the rules. Knowing it, she'll ask me to inform her directly if / when anything like that happens instead of causing unnecessary friction, but that's fine too.

On a better (and entirely non work-related note), fun on the way home tonight. Walking across the intersection by Tim Hortons and the police station, on the far side of the street, I was first stopped by a somewhat drunk guy, then some minutes after that, two girls who came running up from Tim Hortons to apologize for him being drunk. What would he have stopped me for, but to ask about my tail and ears, of course. I don't really consider the implications of going out like that almost every single day, but this won't be the first time that somebody's said they see me every day, and always wonder what I'm doing / why I have ears and a tail. Apparently there are even rumors about me, which I'm all too bemused at, but I'm getting off track. They asked the usual questions, then the guy, being drunk as he was (I could smell alcohol on his breath, for what it's worth) said my pupils were dilated, and asked if I was on drugs. He wouldn't take no for an answer until I said that was because it was dark and the two girls responded in kind, then I had to convince them that I was coming home from Taco Bell by showing them my hat, which he (at least) thought was quite something. I remember them saying they thought it was cool that I was doing my own thing, then one of them asked if I knew Eryn, and I continued walking home.

Also on the way to work, some other girls stopped me on the bridge to say they liked my ears, and asked if they could pet them. Umm... sure. It's fun to note the reactions I get, and although I still stand by that I don't do it for the attention, being pulled aside while I'm out walking and being told that somebody else thinks it's cool does brighten my day (or night) ^^.

The only bad part about it is that I'm still going out with the tail Dad put in the washing machine, and while some of it is noticeably softer, the tip is all matted and rough and tangled together, and one of the girls on my way home tonight picked it up and was holding it, and seeing as that was probably a first for her or anybody else that has done it or might do it in the future, I don't want that stimulus to influence what they think of it. Put more simply, look at it this way. You're in a clothing store, and find a shirt that looks beautiful, so you take it to the changing room to try it on, only to find that it's extremely rough on the inside. While that wouldn't change everybody's mind (perhaps you plan to wear it on top of another shirt), there are some out there who would decide not to buy it because of that feeling.

Tonight's reason for going to bed is having a headache though, despite having taken a Tylenol earlier, but it's almost 6 in the morning anyways. Hopefully tomorrow goes alright, because I have the day off, and would hate for something work-related to ruin it~

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