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Third Night in a Row

To be technical, not the third consecutive night, but all three of my most recent days off have had the same theme - I've spent some decent amount of time between midnight and 6am fiddling with customizing things on this laptop. In the case of tonight, I decided to give the registry "tweak" that removes the text from the taskbar another try, because last time I found it, I downloaded the provided .reg file instead, and when I rebooted after applying it to see if my taskbar had changed, the login screen completely stopped responding, which I think is when I ended up having to install Vista on my torrents partition to back up some files from XP, because trying to access my desktop by any other means wouldn't work.

Tonight, however, it worked, but not as I desired, so I searched around for a bit and found mention of a program called "tclock" that could do that, so I downloaded it and saw that it worked fine, but there's a bug with it where closing a program or window that's between two or more others in the taskbar (say Notepad, where the order is Firefox, Notepad, and a folder window) leaves a blank space, and the only solution is to restart Explorer. Also, having tclock run at startup does not achieve the desired effect (presumably because no programs are running when it's loaded), so I had to create a batch script that, combined with another small program, waits for exactly one minute, then checks if firefox.exe is loaded, and if so, launched tclock. I think said program still launches even if Firefox isn't open, which creates the problem mentioned above, but opening a window then restarting Explorer works as well.

Thus, I had to cobble together another batch script that terminates explorer.exe along with two other programs that don't work properly if they're not loaded after Explorer, and launches it / them again immediately afterwards. The only problem with that script is the program I use to change the desktop icon view also saves the positions, but it won't load properly from where it's installed, and somewhere between there and loading a copy that's in the system32 folder instead, it always restores the old saved position. I found another small program to manage that though, so I'm happy once again.

The end result of my insatiable appetite for tweaking things can be seen here. I was going to include the Common Places dialog as well, because it's been changed slightly, but there was no easy way to work it into the screenshot, so that'll do. One amusing fact would be that I must've logged out then back in at least 30 times while messing with the MinWidth string in Regedit (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Windowmetrics\) and it turned out to not be needed at all in the end, so that was fun. That file titled "Autotune the News 6" is also something I've been meaning to mention for a bit, and it can be seen here. I saw it on Reddit the other day, and needless to say it's quite catchy, so I had to find a Youtube to MP3 converter to listen to that song whenever I wanted ^^

I ended up walking in there at 4:30, because I thought George wanted me to upgrade his PSP to 5.00 M33-6, but instead sat there for a little bit playing PSPRevolution and whatnot on mine. Then Melissa called out my name from front cash and I looked up to see her handing a sheet, which was the portions test. Rather amusingly, what comes on what was already on the sheet, but the idea of the test is to write down how much of each ingredient comes on the individual items, then how much the total weight is, and I told her quite frankly that I didn't know any of them outside of 1.5 ounces of beef on a taco. She said something about how we'd be working together on the weekend, so I'm not sure if that means she'll show me how much of each ingredient comes on what then and quiz me on it throughout the night, or if I'll be given an answer sheet and expected to memorize it, because by the end of the meeting that's what it sounded like. Speaking of which, I'm not the only one who didn't know, so yay, I think.

The actual meeting was better, and ended with her saying "There. All of you just got paid for an hour to sit around a giggle", so it's relieving to see she's not being extremely serious about everything. The topics of discussion were safety training for the fryers, how we're still out alot of food and what can be done to mitigate that, then questions being asked by everybody else, and different discussions branching off of those. I ended up not talking to her in private about Steve, but maybe I'll have that chance on the weekend, although she also said the night I work with her, I'm only scheduled 'till 3. She was also asking Steve if it was worth being open past midnight Sunday through Wednesday as well, because at least half the time we don't have enough sales to merit it, so yeah. Here I thought we were lucky to not have seen summer hours come back yet, and there's talk of them being cut back even more.

It might seem a bit expected by now (at least with this cut), but overall, Melissa is alright. Of course, I'm basing that statement on the couple hours or so that I've seen her thus far, but not what she's like to actually work with, so that may change in the near future (but hopefully not). She made it quite clear that if anybody had problems with her or any of the other staff or managers, they could come to her and say whatever's on their mind, and also, even though it's more specific, was poking fun at Sheila for the next schedule still not being up yet, so it's just nice to have somebody on "our side", so to speak.

We finished with that around 6, and, somewhat randomly, I walked up the street to Bulk Barn and spent far too long browsing the aisles there to walk away with only three small bags of candy. I was also considering buying a little bit of quinoa, because I've heard it's supposed to be quite healthy / good for you, but the little card by the price tag said it would need to be rinsed, and I don't think we have a strainer with holes small enough, then also, I'm not sure what I'd make with it either, aside from putting some in my cereal, and even then, that just comes down to a variation of sprinkling sugar on top. Perhaps I'll try it eventually, but I need to figure out at least a couple things I can make with it that I'd cook normally, and then see. I also stopped by Tim Hortons on the way home and bought a sandwich for supper, which I haven't done in a really long time (the sandwich part), and shortly before that, had the same girl from last night ask if she could pet my tail this time. Once again, stimulus, but as long as they're not saying anything negative, I won't either.

Nintendo finally sent the email regarding the gold and platinum status rewards tonight too, and they can be seen here. Not really the sort of things I was expecting them to offer as rewards, but at least the calendar and hat are physical items, as compared to the game which I probably wouldn't play anyways. I also spent the 800 coins I had saved up in my account on the Game and Watch Collection, but there's no telling when it'll be shipped out right now, and the gold / platinum reward picture there clearly states that they'll be mailed out before November 1st, which is still some time away.

This final paragraph is also probably expected, but I think it's time I went to bed, considering my current flagrant disregard for periods, and also the fact that it's 7 in the morning. Hopefully tomorrow will go okay, but that depends mostly on getting at least one more day off this week (before Saturday), and also getting our vacation pay, both of which I'll just have to wait until 8pm to find out~

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