Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Work Makes All the Difference

It seems being at work is all it takes to keep me awake 'till at least 7am. I was up 'till 8 this morning, and was even planning on going to McDonalds for breakfast, but Adam didn't have to work and nobody else woke up. Compare that against tonight, wh.ere it's only 11pm and I'm tired enough to just go to sleep, and something's a bit weird. Given that I only close tomorrow night then have another two days off though, I may just go to McDonalds then, but that depends on whether anybody else wakes up before I go to sleep, as was already mentioned.

I did go to Giant Tiger today (again), where I ran into Penny (from Heart and Stroke) and Brian (her husband). Neither of them said a whole lot (just "Hi" and such), and I spent most of my time trying to decide what to buy and picking through a tall bin of pillows looking for a grey one I saw there last time, but it was gone ;_; I still need to go out to The Bargain Shop again, but definitely not when it's as humid out as it's been lately. Especially because it was supposed to rain yesterday night, but instead of that it was just ridiculously warm on the way home. Better yet was that I finally started to feel too uncomfortable and took off my shirt not even a minute before a cop passed by me, but it's not as if they're all going to have questions to ask. Then also, before even leaving for home last night, I went to the bank to get gas money for Mom, and saw on my receipt that my balance is (or was) somewhere around $1,500, so that's really good <3 At least assuming our pay hadn't been deposited yet, because that'd mean I was down to $700, but I'm toying with the idea of going to the 7-11 on the corner of St. Clair and Grand Ave later tonight for a Slurpee, and could easily check my balance at the bank while I'm out.

Also, I remember having a dream about work, where both Earl and Melissa were there at the same time, and I showed up for my shift at the usual time, only to remember that I was supposed to start at 9 instead of 8, and was getting chastised by the two of them for not writing my schedule down. Such might have been influenced by Manoah saying he would write his down before we left if the schedule hadn't mysteriously gone missing, but regardless, that one is just as weird and random as the rest of them. Shifting slightly to the topic of last night's shift, it was alright, if somewhat busy, but midnight - 2 went alot better, because I started telling Manoah what I plan to ask Melissa tomorrow night (about Steve and whatnot), which got him sidetracked on all these (true) stories, and asking me if I'd heard "this" or "that" yet. Steve did work until midnight yesterday as well, so I could easily have confronted him then (with Manoah present), but no. If there's one condition I insist on, it's to not have the party being discussed present, so they can't interrupt and try to justify their actions before somebody else is finished speaking. Your turn will come, but allow me to put all of my cards on the table before you start doing the same.

One other thing I started doing last night, completely unrelated to work, was looking for Sokoban games for my PSP and DS. I recently started playing Subterra again, and there's an entire level set of those puzzles designed for it. However, I'm stuck on the same three right now, so in the meantime, I figured I'd find other versions. Picross was first, so why not Sokoban second? ^^;

But with that, I'm going back to the game, because I'm stuck on one part of a certain level, and it won't do trying to pass it, but leaving this sitting here~

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