Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Tonight is Just Flying By

It feels like not even ten minutes have passed since I went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal, but it's been a half hour already. I noticed the same thing earlier too, because last time I closed with Steve, he showed me his little cheat sheet for the weights of what comes on everything, and, not having one of my own (Melissa is apparently supposed to be distributing them once she makes copies), took a picture of it, then just earlier tonight decided I'd stop procrastinating and find some way to type it up so I wouldn't be left with what amounted to a crooked, rather blurry picture. That had to have taken a couple hours on it's own as well, but the good part of it is I now have a better of the weights for all our items. There are several glaring discrepancies with that list alone, then also when comparing it to the one that's taped to the top of the scale, but I can ask Melissa about that tomorrow as well. Just as an example though, the same tray is used for fries supreme, cheese fries, chili cheese fries, and nachos supreme, yet according to the list, it's weight is different for each item. Weird inconsistencies, but at best it gives me even more room to work with if and when I'm asked / told "This isn't right".

The one caveat about tomorrow is that Manoah's quite certain Melissa will be on drive through, because she supposedly loves working it. Fine by me, as long as I'm still able to ask her about the things I didn't bring up on Monday. If closing with her is anything like working with Earl was though, we're going to have to make sure at least some of the prep is done for the openers before we leave, and knowing our luck it will be busy as well, but such is working during the summer. Mostly unrelated, but I also can't decide what to do after work. Stopping by the bank to check my balance, definitely, but I also didn't make it to 7-11 earlier (and really, I didn't need it with all the food that's here right now), so I could go on the way home tomorrow, or just skip that entirely and get breakfast from McDonalds, assuming I can stay up that long. I shouldn't be making plans either way though, because it's obvious what'll happen then.

I'm also not doing anything useful by laying here typing this, so I am going to finish downloading this music that I've been putting off catching up on as well, then hopefully get to sleep. And it had better keep raining too, but looking out my window that's certainly what it looks like~

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