Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Lack of Sleep = Impaired Thinking

Seeing as I have the next two days off, we went to McDonalds at 7 so I could get "breakfast". Please note that I've been awake since about 2:30 yesterday afternoon as well, and I took a Tylenol Cold pill before leaving for work in attempt to stop the ticklish feeling in my nose which leads to several minutes of sneezing, but one of the side effects is drowsiness. Oh, yes, how I would've loved to have been at home to curl up in bed and go to sleep at several points throughout the night, but instead I was stuck making constant orders with James who was being slow, but I digress. In my tiredness, I got the bright idea to pay for my order with my PSP's memory stick, and only after flipping open the cover and ejecting it did I sort of clue into what I was doing. Then I'm also just tired in general, and the usual being-out-of-it that comes with the territory is present.

Interesting fact two is our neighbors are currently holding a yard sale, and with the weather and general feeling outside today, it truly does feel like what it did for the couple we had before. You start around 7am when it's still nice and cool outside, but end up keeping it going until 3 or so, during which it's getting hotter and hotter and disgustingly humid, and just... I'm going to sleep through it either way, but it's interesting to note. Speaking of the weather though, I was also reminded of past summers at work earlier tonight. Making simple conversation, I asked Katilin what she was planning to do when she got home. Her answer? "Going to bed, because I have corn in the morning". Oh, dear God, the terrible memories of that. I suppose it is only seasonal work, and if you need the money it's not extremely hard to be hired onto whatever crew, but the hours are terrible, what with the midday heat and everything.

Also on the memory topic, driving down Richmond to McDonalds, the general setting and feeling reminded me of something. Attending the second Islington meet back in November. Waking up at 6 in the morning, then being on the road at about the same time we were driving to McDonalds at, then the feeling of having your whole day ahead of you... <3 Although the other awesome part about that was the trip to the zoo, so really, if anything is fun about making plans to do something (at least for me), it's not reaching your destination that is enjoyable, but noticing all the other things that happen along the way. In the case of that weekend the destinations were first getting to the meet, then getting home from there. The zoo visit happened to be an extra thing added on, and I'm not about to be redundant just to explain how that fits in again.

As for closing with Melissa, it went really well. Aside from being warned of a couple things (having needed to carry bean over when I'd thrown it out instead, over-portioning nachos, etc.), she was having just as much fun as the rest of us. It's funny how we instantly assume that if the GM wants to close, they're going to be picking over everything we do to find stuff that's being done incorrectly, or other rules being broken, but in reality it's simply that they're required to work at least one close a month, and when their night rolls around, they want to get out of there just as quickly as we do. She did the next schedule too, so unless it changes between now and then, I work 8-12 on Monday, then 8 - close Tuesday and Wednesday, have Thursday off, then am scheduled for two more 8-12 shifts on Friday and Saturday. She said it was to give me a bit of a break, but also wanted to make sure that I'd stay if they need me, but at this point no, because Mary (a new manager) and Michelle are closing, and I don't want to be the only experienced closer there when they, as managers, will expect the shift to run according to their standards even though Mary hasn't ever closed (at our store), and Michelle hasn't in a while.

Time for bed though. 8:06 seems early enough, and I don't want to hear anybody else walk up to that yard sale, lest I get curious and have to stay up to hear what they're saying~

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