Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Weirdness of explorer.exe

There's an example of the space left between taskbar items here. That behavior is fine and all, because as long as I have that shortcut in my start menu, fixing it is a simple matter of two clicks. For whatever reason though, it doesn't end there, somewhat literally. Eventually there comes a point where any new processes launched (that show up in the taskbar, at least) don't appear at all, and the way I've figured it, it's because Windows sees them as being there, but my laptop screen isn't wide enough to display them. The other thing is there's no way I opened and closed that many programs. Thinking that the space increases exponentially doesn't make very much sense, because there'd be an obvious pattern in the way the items were spaced out, but to be not-so-serious for a moment, it's sort of funny thinking of it as Windows saying "You're not paying attention to my taskbar anyways, so I'm going to cut back a bit." It's just strange, but nowhere near annoying enough to be worth finding a solution for.

I was actually planning to start uploading the rest of those movies tonight, but that was replaced by playing Super Mario 64, then having a shower during most of which I was thinking that I should've gone out for a walk. The amount of food I ate is probably quite close to whatever my daily caloric requirement is, but there's a bit of a problem when mostly everything is eaten at once. Needless to say, as long as weather permits I plan on going for a short (hour or so) walk tomorrow night, then the same thing on Monday, considering I'm only scheduled 'till midnight. Best part of eating so much was three of the things were spicy sausages, and spicy food really doesn't agree with me anymore, although they ended up being nowhere near as bad as lava sauce from work. Just those, then way too many chocolate bars, because I sort of wanted to go to 7-11 as well, but also felt bad for wanting to when I had a small pile of candy on one of my bedside tables, so I started eating them, reasoning that if they were all gone before 3, I could still go, but I'm glad that didn't happen now.

My guide should also be arriving on Monday, and I can't remember what that leaves to come in the mail aside from those rewards and game from Nintendo. Then again, if I have my way I'd buy three more things then, but such is why I'm sleeping on it tonight, so I can think more clearly about it without this constant feeling of being tired. One thing is a shirt, another is a different article of clothing, and the last item is something different entirely, but all three are at least leopard-spotted, so yeah <3 I'm even less-seriously debating the idea of creating an entry in the hosts file to block eBay after this, because it always seems I go on there to check if something I'm picturing in my mind really does exist, then see something different, and decide I want to buy it... It's fun just looking around, but that's rarely all it is.

I do know for certain that when we next get paid (the Thursday after this coming one), I'm going to be transferring another $1,000 from my checking to savings account, simply because although I have no immediate plans for the money in savings, I'd like to see at least $10,000 in there, and after that Thursday, I'll be up to 7k. It's time for bed at any rate though, because there's no way I'm staying up 'till 8 two nights in a row~

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