Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Sohmething to Agree On

For as much as I dislike working with Steve most of the time any other night, there are occasional things he does that I do agree with. Such was the case last night, where a lady came into the drive through around 9pm, saying she'd been in at lunch and wanted her order refunded. As it turns out, her order was only two drinks which we couldn't even offer to replace for her, because the CO2 tank was empty, so everything (aside from iced tea) was coming out really watery.

Still, that's beside the point. You came through at lunch and weren't satisfied with your order, yet couldn't find the time throughout the rest of the afternoon to call Taco Bell and say "I'd like a refund"? Even if she had, I can't picture any managers having actually said we'd do that, because you can't order just two drinks then come in and say you wanted your money back at the opposite end of the day. If you make enough of a fuss, you could probably get a free pie or twist out of it, but I don't see any point to getting all of five dollars (at most) back.

In better news, I woke up yesterday afternoon to see that my guide had arrived, but I think I still like the one I got first (for the latter half of the game), because it features in game maps (or at least whole-area screenshots) as opposed to illustrations of a particular place in the game, and in general, as broad as this is to say, the guide I got second feels alot more serious than the one I got first. I did start playing through PoPoLoCrois again a couple weeks ago too, but I haven't touched it for a while now, so when I'm finished here I'm going to see if Legend of Heroes still works.

That might give me something else to do tomorrow night though, because I have the day off, and we're going grocery shopping then hopefully to the train station around 4, but after that, I need to finish what I started in my room the other night, then I'll have nothing else to do. Specifically, putting things away again, then also sorting through the pile of clothes that were in my laundry hamper, because I haven't touched them for ages and I'm sure I could use some of them. It would also be nice to actually use the hamper for dirty laundry too, but that aside, I've also had the vacuum up here since Sunday night and haven't used it yet, so I really should take care of my floor then as well.

Anyways, before 5:00 rolls around I'd like to collect the Kleenex I've been tossing on the floor after using them to blow my nose (I'm still sneezing, and on a barely related note, putting a Q-Tip in your nose to stop that itchiness you can feel just before sneezing is a very ineffective idea), then maybe also have another bowl of cereal to account for both "breakfast" and "lunch" type meals. We'll see~

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