Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

An Otherwise Good Night Ruined

By a mere headache this time, although it is getting closer and closer to 7am too, so maybe the two things are connected. Work was pretty bad too, but coming home and having a snack / playing more Mario 64 was fun. Then I got sidetracked with doing things online, and somewhere along there got a headache, and it's continued up to this point. The easy solution would be to go to sleep right now, but I don't have to be up until 4 at latest tomorrow, and that's only to go grocery shopping, so as long as I've layed down by 8, I should get enough sleep.

Then again that was my same reasoning last night, and I ended up being really tired at work, which only added to the fun of the shift. Steve said we made ~$1,000 between 8 and 1 tonight, and to be somewhat conservative, I'd say I made $700 of that myself. Mary was worked until 11 too, and while she wasn't as bad as Manoah made her sound, I really hope she comes to realize that we don't do everything exactly the same as a day shift at night. By 11:00, I prefer to only have hard shells and possibly tostadas left up under the heat lamp, but sure enough, after I took them back to the cabinet tonight, she brought them right up again and said there was no point to running back and forth. Steve was once again funny during the final hour of the night, because all of the headset batteries died immediately after he went on drive through again, and he was at the back washing dishes for most of that hour, so I had to keep an eye on the panel to see if the "Vehicle present" light was lit up, and if so, wave them up to the window, explain that Steve would be a second, then holler for him to come up and take the order to complaints and remarks about how everybody should go home. Is fun, but he wasn't being full-out rude to anybody tonight, so I'll give him some credit for that.

I finally have a day off tomorrow though, and I'm looking forward to going grocery shopping, mostly because I want to look through the non-food aisles again and see if they still have those stuffed leopards tucked away somewhere, but even if not, it'll be something different to do, and I need to ask Mom if we have appointments to get our hair cut any time soon as well. I would really be beside myself with amusement if she said yes, and that we'd be going on the 7th or 10th, but any date should work.

As for what to do after getting groceries however, I'm torn. One option is finishing cleaning up my room (again) and vacuuming, which I probably will do so I can actually put the vacuum back downstairs, but then after that, I could watch a movie I downloaded a couple weeks ago (The Bucket List), play Mario 64 some more, or start reading at least the first collection of those Archie comics. Decisions, decisions, but I'd rather be left with too many instead of none at all. I would say there is a possibility of going to Tim Hortons or 7-11 as well, but for the time being, I'd like to save my money instead of just going out because I have the night off, especially when we'll be getting groceries earlier that same day.

Anyways, having said that it's time I went to bed, and I really hope it's still raining when I wake up. There's not a whole lot going on outside right now, but there was a bit earlier, and the forecast for the entirety of Thursday mentions rain, and that would be very awesome ~<3

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