Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They'd Better Say Yes

Today has been decent, aside from one annoying little detail. Our Via Rail station apparently doesn't have any cash aside from what they get from anybody who buys a ticket and pays with actual money. At least that's what I was informed when we went there earlier this afternoon, so I asked when I should come back, and was told "around quarter to eight". I decided to wait a bit longer, so at 8:00, we went back, and when the lady finally came back in from wherever she had been (which was a half hour later, and probably due to a train arriving and leaving again shortly after I got there), said that there hadn't been a single cash sale, and that I should try back tomorrow around 10am.

Right. The only way I'll be up that early is if I stay awake from now until then, and there's no way that's going to happen. I don't want to keep going back there every afternoon or evening though (unless I have no other choice), because it's going to amount to a large waste of time, so I sent an email off to the customer relations address listed on their site asking if there was any other way to get a refund, and I do hope they say yes. The amount isn't terribly large, but at $48.30, it's still enough that I'd like to get it back if there's at all a chance.

Best part is, I got a ride to the station the second time from Dad, and let him know there was a sign in the window saying they'd be back in ten minutes, and he agreed to wait. Half an hour later he came in saying that it had been a long ten minutes, and started getting angry, despite my telling him as soon as he walked in that he could go home, and I'd just walk back whenever the cashier showed up. Seeing that he wasn't going to help if they came back at that exact moment, I said the same thing again, and I told him to stop. That was actually satisfying, because my response to him was "No, you stop. This is my business", and he took a step back while saying "That's right". I don't like waiting here any more than you do, but getting angry and impatient isn't going to help one bit, especially when I've already told you that I can walk home.

That aside though, the rest of the day was okay. I actually washed my pillow, which I can easily say has not been done since I purchased it, but as with washing my tails, all the stuffing went to one end, so it looked really weird coming out of the washing machine. It's fine now, however, and I could go downstairs and get the rest of my laundry, but that can wait until tomorrow because it's already 5:30am.

Oh, and here's something interesting. Could it be that my plans were doomed from the start? Certainly seems that way, and I do hope that's not permanent or anything. Not being able to go this time is a bit of a letdown, but ultimately nothing serious, however looking at that, not being able to go anywhere on the train for at least a good while would not be fun. That makes me even more hopeful that I get a helpful reply to that email, because if they say "No, sorry", I very much doubt I'll see any of that $48 again. Although on an unrelated note, I did not realize it was July 24th already. My, how time flies, especially in the case of tonight, because an entire hour passed in what felt like only a few minutes.

Anyways, I was also thinking about going to 7-11 tonight (and really, really trying to convince myself that should just go ahead), but did not, primarily because my jeans were still in the washing machine, so I had French Toast and plums instead. One of the plums tasted funny inside (sort of like it had been dropped in dirt), and I'm assuming there's a connection between it being soft and the rest being the same way, so I'm not going to touch them. The other one was fine, and, incidentally, was much firmer so perhaps there really is a connection.

As for right now, it's not time for me to go to bed yet, but I at least need to throw the other half and half-half of this plum in the garbage, then read more of those Archie comics because I started into the first collection earlier~

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