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Such Old, Obscure Memories

First of all, those new "Dr. Pepper Very Very Cherry" Slurpees 7-11 has now aren't terribly great, but one thing I noticed there earlier tonight is they have special cups again. Those ones that are made of thicker plastic, and presumably meant to be part of a collection. I didn't buy one, partly due to being tired and also because there was no way I'd be drinking that much Slurpee upon getting home, but as I walked out of there, seeing them made me remember something. Way back in public school, when the first Star Wars movie had just come out in theaters, they had collectible cups centered around it, I made it a point to go there extremely early each and every morning (so I'd still have enough time to get to school), and buy one with the little money I had then. I didn't really even like the movie, but the best I can figure now is I thought collecting all of them would make me cooler. Silly, yeah, but I hardly blame myself because it was at least ten years ago.

Thing is, those cups were significantly larger (and also flimsier) than the ones they have today, and I really didn't want to waste a dollar forty at the time (I think) on an empty cup, so I'd fill it up with pop (all I remember is Mountain Dew), then drink the entire thing before getting to school. Oh, sure, I could've filled it up to the top with whatever type or combination of Slurpee I desired, but school was only about twenty minutes away, and there would have been no way for me to get through all of it.

Then there was one morning I went there, really not feeling like drinking even more pop, but wanting to get the last cup I needed, so I asked the lady behind the counter "Do I have to get pop with this, or can I just have the cup?" Her response was to the effect that I didn't have to fill it with anything, but would still be required to pay the full price, which I agreed to, then went on my way.

Unfortunately, this story has a disappointing and lacking end, because the last time I saw the things was the first time I thoroughly cleaned out my closet, and they went into the garbage bag along with a whole plastic container full of pop cans featuring characters from the same movie. Yeah, I suppose they had emotional value, but not only were they taking up space and not being used otherwise, I also had (and still have) absolutely no interest (well, not absolutely, but to put it into a number would be 0.1%) in Star Wars anymore.

Also, I remembered something else during that hour where I wasn't feeling well earlier this morning involving Josh. Simply how I used to stay the night at his house so we could stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning playing videogames, and how I would wake up anywhere from 9am to noon and either call for a ride or walk / bike back home then promptly lay down in my bed and go back to sleep. Something about resting better in a familiar place. The guest room in his house was technically familiar enough, but it was also used as his gaming room, so it wasn't as tidy as you'd think. The one night after he moved up to London and was living with his relatives where I stayed the night was somewhat unsettling too. There's just something about dreaming you're at home in bed, then waking up and realizing you're in a completely different city. The ~2 hour wait on the kitchen stairs for Dad wasn't fun either, but such is hindsight, because if it was then now, I'd ask what the quickest route to the train station was, then buy a ticket home.

The problem with that now (the last sentence in the cut) would be that the trains aren't running, but once again, being in a familiar place would be vastly superior, and I'd bide some time while waiting for a ride or figuring out what else to do by walking down the street to Tim Hortons, ordering something and explaining my situation, then waiting. Incidentally, that's my same plan for if I should ever be locked out of the house again and have nobody wake up and unlock the deadbolt, because it's not fun for anybody that might be awake at that hour to hear me pounding on the door knocker over and over.

Speaking of our house though, upon coming home from getting groceries on Thursday, I noticed there was an orange tag stapled to the tree in the front yard. I asked Mom what it was there for, and she said "they" were going to cut it down. That much makes sense, because another tree diagonally across the street from us was recently cut down too, but it's almost depressing. That tree has been there for the entire 24 years of my life, and probably for many years before I was even born. If nothing else, I'm going to have to take a couple pictures of the front of the house before the weekend is over, or at least before it's gone entirely.

I only noticed the other tree missing on the way to work a couple nights ago, and as far as I've seen none of the others on our street have the same tags, but that will give me something to keep an eye out for tomorrow. Tonight wasn't too bad, aside from being slightly hectic for a Friday night, which was made even better by being on front cash. Such was my choice though, because I burned two of my fingers while cleaning the grill on Wednesday night, and it was bad enough for the burns to be scabbed over now. Those fingers really and truly feel like they're on fire if I rub sanitizer on them, and while dish water isn't exactly the same I wasn't going to take my chances with that, and working on line would be even worse, for a number of reasons. I left at 12 tonight though, and hopefully the same will end up being true of tomorrow, because I need to figure out what to do with all these clothes I pulled out of my hamper. This has to be the one time I'm sorry my dresser drawers are occupied with game guides and such, but I'll work something out.

Also, getting a refund at Via Rail looked like it worked at first, but my balance still hasn't changed in the slightest, so I sent a message using the secure mail thing on the My Titanium site and am waiting for a reply now. I do hope this delay is normal though, because I've already gone through the same sort of thing with Westin, and I really don't want to repeat it with Via Rail, regardless of the amount. Especially because they probably have enough to worry about with the strike... I'm also waiting to hear back from Soapier too, in regards to whether or not they accept Paypal, because payment is one of the main problems at the moment.

I do think it's time for bed though, lest I think about even more obscure memories to write about~

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