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Karadur Inacu 

Interesting (Albeit Annoying) Behavior

There was an issue with empty spaces being left in the taskbar when using tclock2 that I mentioned a while back. It shows up when you have, say, Notepad, Paint, and a command prompt opened, then close Paint. An empty space will be left there instead of the command prompt icon moving over. It turns out there's more to that though, in that if you middle-click the empty space, Windows sees it as you either wanting to shut down or log off. Normally that wouldn't be so bad, but if you cancel the log-off / shutdown prompt, explorer.exe crashes, and for some reason when it goes down, it takes gdi++, Executor, tclock2, and pretty much the rest of my startup programs with it. Possibly VisualTaskTips as well, but I'm not about to test that theory. An easy fix would be to add the commands required for terminating then opening those applications again to the batch file I made, but I'll get to that after this entry at soonest. Also, the other more fussy batch script I cobbled together to check if Firefox is running before tclock2 starts does not do that after all. It simply pauses for a minute before opening tclock2.exe, and the only thing you need to do for the taskbar to become "iconized" is make sure at least one program (not a folder) is open before that minute is up. That amounts to a waste of time that's too far past to do anything about now, but at least replacing those scripts if I ever need to reinstall XP again will be easier.

It's actually fun how I can have the presence of mind to work that out right now, meanwhile I'm actually quite tired, which is likely due in no small part to the heat today. I got a decent sleep (and in doing so, had one dream where I actually had a whole suit to go along with my giant tail, except the face of the head was cut out so you could see mine, then also other interesting ones that I can't remember anymore), and didn't really feel tired when I woke up, but now I am. One also might propose that my tiredness is due to it being 5am, but in any case, I've made it this far, and I can go at least one more hour.

Heat is at most only half of the cause though. I also ate what felt like way too much today, and it might have been, but what it amounted to was the rest of a bag of cheesies (which I thought would be different because they were called "Mozzarella Sticks"), too many small round sour candies to count, then also a piece of some dessert Mom made last night called "Dump Cake". That was as soon as I woke up, and the next time I ate after that was around 2 in the morning, and I only had the last remaining square of that cake. Obviously I went to Sobeys last night, but I need to re-learn that I don't need to eat everything I buy as soon as possible after I get it.

Speaking of buying things, it's Monday tomorrow, so there's a very slim chance a belt I bought online will show up. A couple other articles of clothing should also be on their way, but I haven't received any emails from the website I bought those at aside from "Here are your account details!" I can't shake the feeling that there's still something else coming as well, but when I actually think about it nothing comes to mind, so we'll just have to see what this week holds. Not much in regards to work, at least, because I close tomorrow, have Tuesday and Wednesday off, then close Thursday through Saturday, and have Sunday off again. At least we get paid this week, but with the two short shifts I just worked, getting more than $400 doesn't seem likely. It'll also be the first pay of the month, which means Mom and Dad get $240, but at least that's better than the $260 I thought they were supposed to be getting at the beginning of this month.

The writer's block question today is interesting as well. In fewer words, which vampire would you want to get bitten by? None, preferably. I leave that sort of stuff to Adam, because I know he's at least somewhat interested in vampires, while I occupy the more antisocial "touch me and I might bite you" way of thinking. I'm still all for being friendly, but don't want to give anybody the wrong idea and have them think that because I'm being friendly I actually want to be friends in any other capacity than a general acquaintance. On the same sort of note, it's fun to see how that question I asked in my previous entry got no replies at all, but that's fine too. Not to be cliché, but I'll do my own thing, and if you want to join in or otherwise come along, feel free, but please respect my space.

I also finally got around to watching "The Bucket List" tonight, and in doing so, figured out that sooner or later I'm going to have to look into buying a pair of external speakers for my laptops as well. It was extremely quiet, even with headphones on, but in spite of that, I enjoyed it. There's something I like about movies that make you tear up at the end, and it did not disappoint. Interesting concept too (the idea of, when diagnosed with a terminal illness, making a list of things to do before you die), but it could just as easily be applied to a "If this was the last day I had to live, what would I do differently?" way of thinking. Those thoughts actually pushed me over the edge of sending out two short emails that I don't even know will be read, but that I also feel better for having sent. One more could have gone out too, but those others dealt with certain events that were taking place about a year ago, so I figure it only fitting if I wait until July 2010 to send the third. If I even remember then, but it's too far ahead to say.

Boredom got the better of me earlier tonight, unfortunately, so to fend off some of it I grabbed Legend of Heroes from my shelf and started playing it, but right now I'm just up to having helped Marcus (I think) defeat Hamakages (a large blue monster with two crab-like pincers instead of hands), and didn't feel like walking all the way back to the village after that. It's obviously too early to make any comparisons to PoPoLoCrois yet, but having mentioned it, I received an email from Youtube saying somebody going by the name of "PopoloSnave" had subscribed to my videos. I fail to see why when all of them from that game are uploaded, but I'm also hoping Legend of Heroes has a few cutscenes or movies to record. Still on the topic of games, I've completely beaten Super Mario 64 now, and during my looking around for texture packs for it at first, I found a patch for a hack of the game which I'm working through right now. It goes by the name of "Super Mario 64 - The Missing Stars", and is alright, if a bit buggy when it comes to the camera angles. Apparently they're hardcoded in the game though, so for the time being, what's there is the best anyone can get. I transferred the original Mario 64 ROM to my PSP as well, along with Daedalus 64, so now I have it to play through again along with the other games on there.

It seems it's time to call it a night again though. Our (or at least my) internet connection has slowed to a crawl, and instead of just waiting and waiting and waiting a little bit more after that for pages to load, I'm going to go to sleep and see if it's faster when I wake up. Checking to see if anything came in the mail too, but that's a given. Right after I leave myself a note to fix that batch script, that is~

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