Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Making Plans for Tomrrow Already

Thus far they consist purely of walking up to Taco Bell to get my pay stub, then around to Pharma Plus before they close just to look around in there. I think they're open 'till 9 though, so even leaving when I normally would for work will be fine. It's also Tuesday, so I need to remember I'll have dishes to do, but my main concern before that is getting my pay stub, then doing some other poking around while I have two days off and nothing better to occupy them with. I had almost convinced myself to go to 7-11 tonight actually, just to get out for a bit more, but thankfully I didn't, and there was plenty to eat here anyways. Plenty, that is, aside from the chicken that was supposed to be left for me from supper. Somebody ate it, or hid it really well in the fridge, so I settled for a bowl of cereal instead.

Work wasn't particularly interesting, aside from getting into a bit of a tiff with Ang over the garbage pail in the prep area (I wanted to move it up front, which she disagreed with) and getting busy at 12:30 sending Steve into a fit over how everybody had to come at the last minute when we were extremely slow earlier in the night. Typical night, really, but still annoying all the same.

I could very well be doing two other things at the same time right now, actually, but it's too early in the morning to worry about them. One is starting a new game in The Missing Stars, because there's a glitch in the Secret Forest level that I happened upon, where you can get stuck in between two mushroom stalks, and when I tried to reset the game (because there was no way of getting out), something screwed up, and any time I try to start the game now, I get a message saying saying Project64 failed to open the EEPROM. The other one is categorizing my RSS feeds, or at least re-ordering the list and adding some spaces or separators for better readability.

This is going to be cut off early though, because I'm almost dead tired, and it's 6:30 already. Hopefully tomorrow goes according to plan~

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