Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Here We Go Again

That's an awfully open title if I've ever heard one. What it means in this case is it's already 6 in the morning, yet last time I glanced at the clock it was only 5:30, and it feels like that was only a few minutes ago ;_;

Today altogether has mostly gone as I was hoping it would though. I didn't get to The Missing Stars yet, but I still have tomorrow off, and I did go out for that walk as planned. Browsing Pharma Plus was a bit amusing, because I didn't see what I had gone there to look for until walking out of the place, and didn't want to walk back in again and possibly not buy anything else. It is therefore on my list of places to go next weekend, but there was one other thing that happened as well. After looking over one of their shelves of snacks for a minute, I grabbed a bag of frosted cinnamon cookies to take a look at the nutritional info. I may not be doing much with it yet, but I still don't like to be eating the cookies where a mere two add up to almost 200 calories, so it was much to my delight to see that the cinnamon ones were 170 for three. Some math followed as I tried to figure out what 170/3 was, and couldn't come up with a round answer (Windows' calculator says 56.66[...]3), but decided to buy them anyways. Later on, when I finally decided to eat just one, I saw that I had come home with the chocolate fudge variety. I still don't know how, and I'm torn between laughing and being confused, but for now I plan to ask Mom tomorrow if she'll pick up a bag of the cinnamon cookies for me on Thursday, and that way they can have the chocolate ones and not have to buy more.

As for stopping by work, nothing of interest happened there aside from getting my pay stub, which was for ~$470. Decent, aside from having spent about ten dollars at Pharma Plus and withdrawing $80 from the ATM across the street since Mom needs it for groceries this week. Still a far sight better than what I was expecting at first though, because before I left the house, I thought Mom and Dad would be getting a combined $320 from me this week, but this Thursday holds the last pay before August, which means I really only owe Mom gas money now. Stopped by Tim Hortons to get a sandwich for supper too, where the lady taking my order asked if I felt like a cat, then said her son "fancies himself a duck because he's quacking all the time" :B

Another amusing thing I learned earlier tonight was that we have an appointment to get our hair cut coming up next month. The date? August 7th. Technically, if I still was going to London we would probably have at least two hours in between getting home from Tilbury and the train leaving, and even though that's not happening now, the timing is still almost too coincidental. That was actually thing 1 of 2 learned while washing the dishes. The other is that Adam, from what I saw earlier, is now experiencing the same problem I was with my ear. The feeling of something caught inside it, but not pulling anything out upon use of a Q-Tip. My biggest problem right now is a high-pitched ringing in my other ear (tinnitus comes to mind), but it's usually not as bad when I don't concentrate on it such as I just did.

To finish this off for tonight, two things regarding my laptop. Number one, more strange behavior with those spaces in the taskbar. If I right-click on one, the menu that would appear if you right-click on the title bar of a window appears in the upper-left corner of the screen, and if I click "Maximize" on it, all manner of weird programs pop up. One at a time, of course, but they're all windows that are either invisible, or that belong to programs in the system tray. It's starting to become annoying, but also neat because I can think of no other way that you'd get access to those. The other thing is a picture. I'm most proud of removing the drop-down arrows on the four feed icons because that's something I've been trying to do for a while now, but otherwise, more customization and small changes that make Firefox just a little bit more... "yours". Sorting out the other feeds is done too, but they're all tucked away under the RSS icon at far right.

Now, it's time for bed. Well, in truth, time to post this then see if it's too long and if so edit it to add a cut, but that option also ends in going to bed, and getting there eventually is all that matters~

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