Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is Another Problem

I finally got that belt in the mail today, and upon switching it out for the belt that was already on my pants, found that it was too loose even when tightening it to the last hole. Thus, I had to get Mom's hole punch, and spill a bunch of the little left over round paper discs all over my floor just to punch a new hole in it. The lining on both sides got scratched up a bit in the process as well, but the one side is textured with very short hairs that are apparently supposed to feel like fur and it won't be too long before it's ruffled up, simply from walking around, and the other side is always facing in towards me, thus a few small indentations won't hurt any. Still, I can remember a time when I didn't use belts (a couple years ago now, and it's shocking to think that so much time has passed by already...) and had no problems, but now they're required if I don't want my pants to fall down and cause embarrassment.

Still, I was getting tired of waking up every morning and going downstairs to see nothing new, so at least it's here, and that leaves only a couple more things, but there's a fair amount of uncertainty concerning them too. Out of two articles of clothing, only one seems to have been shipped, and that was just earlier this week on the 27th. Fair enough when I don't understand the exact forces behind the delay (even though I paid for said items on the 19th), but if there's still no further word on them by the middle of August, I will have an email to send. Not that impatience is going to do me any good, because I have next week(end) to look forward to (simply stated, even though I got a refund for that train ticket, I figured I'd keep the days booked off to do some things here that I would have in London), then after that, even though it's vague and not necessarily limited to the weekend, (hopefully) feeling the heat and general unpleasantness outside slowly diminish and fade away.

Really though, all I want is for my room to be less humid. Outside hasn't been bad, surprisingly, but for a better idea of what I mean, I have a bottle of water down beside my bed right now. When it runs empty, I fill it up with cold water, but through bringing it back upstairs and leaving it on the floor next to my bedside table overnight, it warms up to a temperature I'm sure I've showered with some nights, and it should go without saying that cold water is much more refreshing than hot. Buying that second fan has helped keep me comfortably cool while sleeping and whatnot, but not so much with the water, although it would be rather silly to expect such anyways.

This is going to be done in favor of other things for today though, because I found English versions of the new Megaman Starforce 3 games last night that I want to play some more, and there are also several new items in my RSS feeds that I want to read. Not really looking forward to work, because Steve figures it'll be busy, but he also doesn't work tonight to begin with, and I just had two days off so who knows what might have changed? I will find out in just a couple hours~

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