Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What a Weird Walk Home

No, I'm not just getting home now, but that's one of the most prominent things on my mind at present.

First of all, as I walked up to the intersection at St. Clair and Grand Ave, I noticed a cop car facing towards me on the other side of the lights, just waiting for them to turn green. Then, from off to my right / to their left, this other car comes speeding by, not slowing down in the slightest as they drove by them, and I could only smile and laugh to myself as I watched the cop turn the corner, drive down Grand towards them a short distance, then turn on his lights ^^; Sure, I wouldn't be so amused if it happened to me, but I have been stopped plenty of times already, and I very much doubt I'm going to get pulled over (how would that happen if I was on the sidewalk anyways?) for walking too fast.

Secondly, I decided to go to 7-11 again. Mostly for a Drumstick, which they ended up not having anyways (apparently only the 7-11 by Giant Tiger has an ice cream chest), but as I got closer to the door, this weird, seemingly overly energetic guy outside opened it for me, then as I was walking in, said something like "Have a good night sir". Umm, yeah. I'll admit while I was in there waiting to pay, I was wondering if he would hold the door for me on the way out and what I should do then, but he did not, which left the only other interesting thing that happened there being the same guy I saw last night saying "You're back with your kitty ears again?" No. How many times does this have to happen before somebody actually knows what a snow leopard is? Petty, sure, but I should walk in there without a shirt on one night while he's working, turn around, and ask "So you really think I'm doing all this just to 'look like a kitty'?" Unnecessary rage too, but after a certain point it just becomes too much.

Finally, about halfway down Wellington I heard some loud rustling from a yard across the street, but nothing came of that. Sort of creepy though, because it wasn't the "Oh, that's just wind blowing through the leaves of a tree" type rustling. It actually sounded like somebody moving about in them. Then what's more, there was this flashing light at the end of the street, and as I got closer to it I could hear this grinding noise every so often. At first I thought it was some crew cutting the tree in our front yard down already (if that is indeed what's happening with it), but now I figure it must've been a couple city workers re-painting the lines on the street, because that's certainly what it looked like they were doing.

Oh, and as one optional thing, Manoah drew whiskers on my face again at work tonight. I slowly forgot about them from there, and when I went downstairs to get cereal about a half hour ago while Dad was in the kitchen, had forgotten about them altogether ^^; He didn't say anything outside of "Good morning" and "Have a good sleep when you get there" though, so maybe he didn't notice either, or didn't want to say anything. That will probably be said sometime tomorrow, and on that note I'm going to bed too, so we'll just have to see what happens whenever I wake up~

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